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CoTech Community Calls

These calls is all about identifying issues and developing the CoTech Network together as engaged digital makers, movers and shakers. It is about open practices, culture shifting and collaboration. We break down silos and keep each other in sync.

The call currently takes place at this link using open source video conferencing software Jitsi Meet:

We are currently storing our minutes in this etherpad collaborative document: Community Call Notes

Joining a CoTech Call

  • Visit the Jitsi Meet link
  • Jitsi Meet seems to prefer Chrome/Chromium. Many users have reported problem with Firefox.
  • MUTE if you are not talking.
  • Use headphones with a mic if possible (iphone style headphones work great).
  • Type in the collaborate pad where you see fit! This document is for you!
  • Jump in with your voice to vocalize thoughts. Don't be afraid to speak up!
  • You also currently dial in to the call via a normal phone line. Dial +44.121.468.3154 and then enter the pin 3647513798 (quite quickly) then enter #.
  • There are also basic Jitsi Meet mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Agenda and Minutes

Moving Calls to CoTech Nextcloud?

There has been some discussion about moving the community calls to our CoTech Nextcloud platform. This looks like it would be a good move and it is still possible to share a public link to the call and have people without an account on the Nextcloud server join as guests. We should do a test for quality and stability first.