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1st Gathering, Wortley Hall 2016
2nd Gathering, Wortley Hall 2017
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Co-operative Technologists

This wiki site was set up at our founding event, 14th - 17th November 2016 at Wortley Hall, where 55 co-operators from 18 co-ops came together to form CoTech, a network of tech co-operatives mostly based in the UK.

Member Co-ops

All current members of CoTech are listed under the members section of the CoTech website, however some co-ops have yet to be added to the site, see also the Members wiki table.


Please add to the Collaboration page when a Cotech co-op works with another CoTech co-op.

CoTech Constitution

Our Constitution is a basic description of how we work, what we stand for, and who can join us. It also has details on how we change the constitution.

Joining CoTech

Communication Channels

See our page on Infrastructure and Communication.

Working Groups

Skill sharing groups

See our page on Skill sharing groups


CoTech resources page

CoTech Fund

See our page on the CoTech fund. This is a mutual fund to enable CoTech to pay for services, gatherings etc.

How To Guides

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events will be announced here.

Previous events


Notes from face to face and online Meetings on various topics.

Glasgow Gathering 2022

The Glasgow gathering in took place at Civic House on the 10th and 11th of November 2022.

June Gathering 2022

The June gathering took place in the Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham, 15th and 16th June 2022

Autumn Gathering 2021

A CoTech Gathering took place in SPACE4, London, on 23rd and 24th September 2021

Spring Break 2021

The Spring Break 2021 CoTech gathering from Thursday 8th of April to Friday 9th April 2021

Newcastle 2019

The Newcastle 2019 CoTech gathering ran from Friday 13th December to Saturday 14th 2019

Sheffield 2019

The Sheffield 2019 CoTech gathering ran from Thursday 25th April to Friday 26th 2019 and it was organised on this Discourse thread.

Tech Co-ops Assembly 35C3

Building on the success of the Tech Co-ops Assembly 34C3 meetup last year at Chaos Communications Congress, CoTech members from Autonomic and Aptivate and German co-operative IT Kollektiv organised another Tech Co-ops meetup.

CoTech Hack 2018

A 2-day 'hack' and meeting event was held at Space4 in London. During this time there will be 4 main sessions running to improve and refine CoTech.

Tech Co-ops Assembly 34C3

See the report on Tech Co-ops Assembly 34C3 for info on the Tech-Coops Assembly at Chaos Communications Congress 2017 (34C3) Attending were workers from CoTech members Autonomic and Aptivate and German co-operative IT Kollektiv and others interested in tech co-operatives.

Wortley Hall 2017

See the Wortley Hall 2017 and Wortley Hall Agenda 2017 for details of the work carried out at the second CoTech conference at Wortley Hall in November 2017.

CoTech Camp July 2017

See the Loomio thread and CoTech Community discussion thread.

Wortley Hall 2016

See the Wortley Hall 2016 page for the notes and links from the first CoTech annual gathering at Wortley Hall.

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