June Gathering 2022

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The CoTech June Gathering 2022 of CoTech

Second day gathering
Group photo on the second day of the gathering!


The June Gathering 2022 of CoTech is set for Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th June 2022, 9am-6pm.


This will take place in Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham.


The Warehouse Cafe Co-op 54-57 Allison Street Birmingham United Kingdom B5 5TH


The Warehouse/Warehouse Cafe is conveniently located within a walking distance of all major train and bus routes.

  • Moor Street Station – 5 minutes
  • New Street Station – 12 minutes
  • Moor Street Interchange (all major Birmingham bus routes) – 7 minutes
  • Travelling by car: there are several pay and display car parks in the area, please be careful to pay any parking charges and avoid parking in the wrong place as clampers do operate near the cafe. Please note that The Warehouse Cafe does not own any parking spaces.
  • They have a place to lock up bikes and air pumps for tyres.
  • If you need accessible Taxis you can contact TOA Taxis who are also a co-op
  • Travel bursaries may be available for those that need assistance attending. Please get in touch with the organiser.


  • Vehicles can pull up right to the entrance/exit of the venue
  • The Warehouse Cafe is fully wheelchair accessible including toilets and there is a lift to reach the meeting rooms on the second floor
  • The garden has quite a rough uneven surface in places
  • The meeting rooms and garden are good spaces to relax in if you need some peace and quiet
  • All toilets are gender neutral
  • The acoustics in the Warehouse Cafe space are a bit harsh when lots of people are talking at once
  • We will try and ensure the lighting isn't too bright
  • Let us know if you have any additional access needs


For all CoTech members and friends. It is totally free to attend. People who are not in CoTech coops are also welcome to attend, though they will not be able to vote on any CoTech proposals. You can RSVP to the event on the forum, just click Going at the top of the thread.

COVID-19 safety

Please take a lateral flow test before arriving at the event. This is mandatory. If you can, please take a test on the morning of the second day as well. There will be tests and masks available at the venue. We will attempt to keep all the spaces as well ventilated as possible.


For questions about the event, please contact john.evans @ code-operative.co.uk

Online access

We will be streaming some sessions via this BigBlueButton room:

If you have any issues with this please raise them on the Discourse thread.



(working groups)




(working groups)



10-11 Intro session Day 1 intro session Intro session
11-12 Worker Coop Federation Updating the shared resource for co-op policies and handbooks
12-1 CoTech needs and Network Coordinator role. Contacting lapsed members.
1-2 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2-3 Why be policies? When are handbooks? How is a co-operating? Let us probe the labours of labouring together. Simplifying Communication Channels task force.
3-4 Simplifying Communication Channels. Work
4-5 Work - Co-ops no more? Clearing membership register.

- Demo

- Code of conduct

5-6 Decision Making Decision Making Decision Making Decision Making
6-late First Day Social Post Gathering Party

The opening intro session on Day 1 is to bring everyone up to date on where we are so far. At the end of each day there will be a session for work groups to update the wider group on what they've worked on, and where necessary this will include a sociocratic decision-making round with work groups running proposals.

Working groups

Working groups are to be confirmed. They usually include:

  • Communications (copy, outreach, branding, positioning etc)
  • Governance and Membership (on-boarding, decision-making etc)
  • Website improvements (working through the issues)

In addition to the work groups there will also be discussions that participants can choose to run and also attend. People can attend these as they wish. Please fill in your discussion on the timetable above if you would like to host one, and/or post on the forum (see link below):


Removing unresponsive co-ops

First day gathering
Afternoon working session on the first day of the gathering.

In the notes from the decision making session.

Code of Conduct

Proposers: Autonomic

We don't have an official code of conduct for CoTech events and online spaces. Some attempts have been made before but we want to get something passed. We'll be forming a circle over the two days and will work towards submitting a proposal on Loomio by end of day Thursday.

Here is the link to the WIP proposal: https://community.coops.tech/t/cotech-code-of-conduct/2459/7?u=kawaiipunk

All that needs to be done is decide on the reporting contact and how that is handled.

Network Co-ordinator

Proposer: Coordinator Proposal Circle

Starting proposal is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/2022-06-15_cotech_coordinator Permanent Link

Basically trying to compile all good ideas in the same place.


The gathering will be at Warehouse, Birmingham.

This includes the worker co-op The Warehouse Cafe and the Warehouse Venue. There is also a garden, a radio station and a vegan sweet shop among other things. It's one of the hubs for co-operative activity in the region.


  • Warehouse Cafe main space
  • Upstairs meeting rooms (details TBC)
  • The garden


We are currently booking catering for the event. All food will be vegan with Gluten free options available. Please contact the organiser if you have any other food needs.


Wifi is available in the cafe and meeting rooms but not in the garden.


There are drinks and bar snacks available all day. There will be catered lunch on Wednesday and lunch and dinner on Thursday.

Socialising and Networking

First day social

  • There is an excellent Jazz night at the Warehouse Cafe starting at 6pm. You're welcome to go to that. The tickets are around £5. Kitchen is open till 20:30 and there isn't catering booked for this evening meal. Also feel free to decamp to a local pub or restaurant. Leo can make recommendations for places within walking distance.

Post-Gathering Party

  • Thursday 16th June, 6pm-9pm
  • Unfortunately we had to cancel the party party due to budgetary concerns. There will be quieter drinks in the beautiful Warehouse Cafe garden after the event so folks can chill out after the gathering.


If you need a place to stay, let people know on the forum and some Birmingham dwellers may have space. Otherwise, there are lots of hotels within walking distance to suit all budgets.