June Gathering 2022/Co-ops no more Clearing membership register

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It appears that over 10 co-ops have not been responding to any communication this year. What do we do with co-ops that have not engaged in any way for a long time? What if their domain has been down for a while now or when we know they folded as a business?


  • What to do about this?
  • Reversing the process of becoming a member via Loomio is suggested.
    • Sounds appropriate. Can cluster the co-ops into one proposal.
  • Could monthly General Circle call check whether the co-ops is still around?
    • Would it become a regular agenda item?
  • Would we make a page with the members that left?
  • What are the exact conditions?
    • Something to workshop at the proposal session. Roughly: not responding, domain down or informed us that they folded. 2 attempts. Also if they stop paying to the fund that could be an alarm signal...
  • Action: Let's workshop this at the decision making session.