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Members of Co-operative Technologists

This table was created in response to this thread, see also the list of members on the public site, the membership decisions thread on Loomio and the polls on Loomio.

Co-op Name / URL CoTech Page Type Legal Form Governing Docs Incorporated Joined CoTech Left CoTech
Agile Collective Present
Alpha Communication Present 2018-02-18
Animorph Present
Aptivate Present
Autonomic Present Worker Co-op Co-operative Society May 2019 2017-10-04
Atomised Missing 2018-03-13
Blake House Filmmakers Co-op Present
Calverts Present Worker co-op (employee) Co-op Society 2016
CBN Present Freelancer co-op Co-operative Society 29727R 2016
Cetis LLP Present Worker co-op LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) 2017
Chapel Street Studio Present
ChangeLab Missing 2021-02-01
Clear Honest Design Missing 2020-03-23
Code-Operative Present 2019-05-18
Common Knowledge Present 2019-03-16
Co-operative Web Present Worker Co-op Company Limited By Shares 2016
Creative Coop Present 2018-07-05
Dandelion Collective Present 2020-06-24
Data Content Reach Present 2021-01-14
DCDC Present 2019-05-08
DEV: The Developer Society Present
Digital Liberties Present 2018-02-23
Dot Project Present
dtc innovation Present Worker co-op Capital-free company 2017
Fairmondo UK Present
Form & Function Present 2019-05-20
Founders and Coders Present
Gildedsplinters Present
Glowbox Design Present
Go Free Range Present Worker co-op Company limited by shares 2016
Good Praxis Missing 2019-07-26
GreenNet Deleted Charity 2018-12-21 Two year provisional membership expired on 2020-12-21
Jarrow Insights Present 2020-02-20
InFact Present 2019-04-05
mc3 Present worker cooperative LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) 2016
media co-op Present
MediaBlaze Hosts Present Worker Co-operative Co-operative Society: 32025R 2013 2016
Netuxo Ltd Present 2018-02-23 2nd February 2021
Open Data Services Present Worker cooperative Company limited by shares 2017
Open-ecommerce Present
Outlandish Present Worker cooperative Mutual society 2016
Paper Rhino Present 2020-02-20
Preston Digital Foundation Missing 2020-09-04
Secure Active Present 2018-04-20
Sleuth Present 2018-07-13
Small Axe Present
Solidarity Economy Association Missing 2020-05-10
Studio Oto Missing 2020-12-11
United Diversity Present Worker cooperative (freelancer) LLP OC302744 2002 2018-04-25
wave Present
We Are Open Co-op Present Worker cooperative Company limited by guarantee without share capital Wiki 2016 2016
Webarchitects Present Multi-stakeholder Co-operative Co-operative Society 31305R Rules Reg. 27-Feb-1998, Webarch Co-operative Ltd. Est. 7 July 2011 2016