June Network Coordinator Proposal

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This is the text of the proposal from the June 2022 Gathering in Birmingham.

Part 1: Fund Contributions

Each coop pays 0.5% of their labour costs into the fund. We rely on coops self-reporting their labour costs.

When the network coordinator signs a large contract on behalf of Cotech, 5% goes back into the fund.

How much money would the new contribution rule bring in?


  • All labour including freelancers or just members?
  • What constitutes labour costs? e.g. take home pay, tax, pensions, benefits etc
  • Can new coops calculate how much they pay?
  • Look at average membership fee for other membership organisations
  • Are we going to pay twice for the new worker coop federation?

Part 2: Hiring process

Members of Cotech Coops volunteer to be on a hiring panel, the panel is verified by vote at General Circle meeting. Advertise job for 6 weeks. Panel review applications, organise interviews and make a recommendation to General Circle who then can choose to approve the person.

Coordinator signs a contract with a host coop (TBD) for 6 months, with the option to extend for another 6 month.

Anyone want to be the host coop for the contract?

Part 3: Starting objectives and advertising job description

Every month the General Circle meets with the coordinator to review progress on the objectives and whether new objectives need to be agreed.

We need starting objectives though.

Cotech has business development and internal needs.

Do we ask the coordinator to do more than one thing at once or pick one goal at a time?

Option A) Time based split e.g. the coordinator spends 2 days a week getting contracts, and 1.5 days increasing member revenue and 1.5 days on group cohesion, assuming a 5 day week. Option B) Pick one main objective from this gathering, e.g. getting large contracts for Cotech coops. Then review the objectives in a month.

What is the starting objective of the coordinator?


Network coordinator good, paying needs discussion with all members and clear thinking through.

How fits with new worker coop federation?

Any projections that could be made?