June Gathering 2022/Day 1 Decision Making

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Trying to understand whether we can pass something today or wait until tomorrow.

3 Proposals

1. Removing co-ops from CoTech

Following from earlier discussion.

  • Draft: In an event when a co-op is not responding via email (2 attempts over 2 months), their domain is down or they/someone has informed us that they have folded and potentially no longer paying into the fund (if they already were).
  • What is the process we should carry out?
    • Proposal on Loomio reversing membership.
  • clarifying questions:
    • Lucy: three criteria: don't reply to emails in 2 months, heard or know the have folded and domain down - clarified
    • Sz: put it on Loomio, what is the proposal there? - Baed on these findings, create a proposal where all CoTech members can consent or object to them being removed for a reason.
    • Hannah: how long is the proposal up for?
      • Sz: Couple weeks?
    • Everyone else, pass
  • Critical concerns: none
    • PASSED - Put Loomio proposals for removing the co-ops unless the co-ops in question clarify over the phone tomorrow.
  • Action: Sz. call the co-ops that seem to have folded before Loomio.

2. Code of Conduct

  • Leo: Ddopt a code of conduct for all our events and proceedings. We would also need to establish a process for reviewing the complaints, an email address, happy to be that person. We could have a person at the meetings/events who can receive welfare concerns, it would probably be the organiser.
  • Proposal: Pass the code of conduct - it currently exists on Discourse thread
  • Outcome: To be read by the attendees and considered on tomorrow.

3. Network Coordinator

Current content

  • 0.5% labour costs to the fund.
  • Questions:
    • Focusing on the fund not on the coordinator?
    • It might cost 4-5 the amount some co-ops currently contribute. Is that a risk?
    • Have you done calculation between the current network coordinator costs and the new fund costs?
      • Yes
    • Percentage of labour costs might be tricky when there are subcontractors rather than employees?
      • Not sure
    • New co-ops might not be able to work out the details, worth reaching out to them to get the figures?
    • Have you looked at average membership organisation fees?
      • No.
    • To be a member of CoTech in the new setup, would you need to pay?
      • They would be a member. People who do not contribute would still benefit from CoTech.
    • How did you arrive at 0.5%?
      • Started with 1% and people were upset.
    • What is the hourly work of part-time network coordinator?
      • 2 days a week.
    • How much money that would actually be to pay?
    • What is the day rate?
      • Not sure.
    • What constitutes labour costs? Are we talking about Take home?
      • Not sure.
    • What is the current thinking about federal approach and whether we would pay twice if they hire the coordinator?
  • Reactions / Concerns (generally positive)
    • Network coordinator is good but resourcing needs more discussion. We need to think it through too much.
    • Big increase in contributions, which highlights that some co-ops don't contribute.
    • Could be too high in relation to what we offer, it's potentially a hard sell.
    • Two days a week is a lot.
    • Using the resources not just for the coordinator but also to support other efforts.
    • Guidance would need to be quite specific.
    • Overlap between network & federation good to investigate. Perhaps financial folding possible too?
    • Coordinator would need to be renewed after a certain period.
    • Clarity on what money needs to be spent?
    • Unique value proposition of the coordinator still unclear. Figuring out that benefit would make it easier to convince the co-ops.
    • Also might be worth speaking to co-ops to find out what they think about different ways of financial contributions.