Glasgow Gathering 2022

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10-11th November 2022, Glasgow

See also the forum thread.

Photos from both days.


Tickets are available via EventBrite@

  • Member ticket (per person) £72.00
  • Solidarity Ticket £110.00
  • Student/unwaged/can't afford full price £38.00


Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November 2022, 9.30am - 6pm

With a social on Thursday evening from 7.30 - 11pm.


Glasgow - in Civic House. (As of 2022-09-25 the website was unavailable, there is a copy of it at the Internet Archive)

& the social on Thursday evening is at MONO, another groovy venue.


Event address: 26 Civic House, Glasgow, G4 9RH

Social on Thursday evening: MONO, 12 Kings Court, King St, Glasgow G1 5RB.

Practical information

Here's some info on getting around Glasgow, places to eat and what to visit: LINK


The programme that was a Google Doc has been copied below.

Co-Tech members are invited to propose sessions they’d like to happen (and preferably run) and write them into the blank areas of the agenda. Sessions in the Agenda are already confirmed.

There are three areas in the venue, so sessions can run in parallel.

The schedule is work in progress - some sessions may be switched around.

Thursday 10 November
Time Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Description Lead person Description Lead person Description Lead person
8.30 Venue set up media co-op team
9.15 Arrivals

Coffee, tea

9.30 Welcome to Glasgow

Intro to Co-Tech and the event

Louise - media co-op

Polly - Outlandish

10.00 Open planning session - an opportunity to propose sessions during the event All
10.30 presentation

An introduction to the new workers co-op federation

Q & A and discussion

John Atherton Open Session

Working group: CoTech Website (new designs, copy, content, CTAs)

Polly, Outlandish
11.15 Coffee/tea break
11.30 Show and Tell - session 1 Animorph, Open Data Services
12.15 Removing non-existent co-ops from the website. Loomio vote
14:00 Boss or Bossed invitees arrive
14.30 Boss or Bossed? Part 1 - introduction to coops and meet Co-Tech

Co-Tech Open Session for Scottish devs/ designers / digital freelancers

Co-Tech invites tech / digital / start-ups, freelancers, students, to come and find out more about the wonders of worker co-ops.

An opportunity to inspire a new generation of tech co-ops and meet local Scottish tech and digital talent

14.30 What’s a co-op, what’s a tech co-op, what’s Co-Tech

Q & A


Meet the co-ops - dynamic networking (format tbc) to introduce the co-op curious and co-tech members

Polly/Louise Co-Tech - Parallel session

For anyone not involved in / wanting to take part in the Open Event

Working group: CoTech Website (new designs, copy, content, CTAs)

Ansible Workshop

Ansible for beginners, see the forum thread for further details.

15.40 Tea, coffee break
15:50 Boss or Bossed? Part 2 - the future for digital coops in Scotland

Parallel session for Scottish devs/ designers / digital freelancers] who want to know more about setting up a tech / digital workers co-op in Scotland

What are the opportunities for tech / digital co-ops in Scotland today?

Anne McLister, Head of Digital Glasgow, Glasgow City Council

Eilidh McLaughlin, Head of Digital Citizen Team, Scottish Government

Suzanne Orchard, Cooperative Development Scotland

John Atherton,

Q & A

[ends 16.30]

Co-Tech - Parallel session

For anyone not involved in / wanting to take part in the Open Event

Working group: CoTech Website (new designs, copy, content, CTAs)

Ansible Workshop

Ansible for beginners, see the forum thread for further details.

16:00 CoTech Coordinator
16:55 Co-Tech Round up
17:00 End
19:30 Co-Tech Social at


Music by:

(works at Green City Wholefoods) and DJ Superstar DJ (aka Leo from Autonomic)

The space is booked just for Co-Tech and our guests: Boss or Bossed attendees, other co-ops and your Glasgow friends.

Light snacks later in the evening (assuming

Friday 11 November
Time Event Lead person Session 2 Lead person
9.15 Tea, coffee … paracetemol?
9.30 Recap on Thursday

Open planning

10.00 Local Authorities and Co-ops

From ad hoc support to Co-operative Hubs

Polly, Outlandish/Space 4
10.45 Break
11.00 Financing ambitious worker co-op tech projects: the inward investment/ownership dilemma Szczepan, Animorph
11.40 Brain break
11.45 Show and Tell 2
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Group leaving for tour must depart Civic House (the venue) at 1.20 to walk to Glasgow Central Station to get the 11.58 train dep from Glagow Central to Nitshill (Barrhead line)

Short walk to Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, 200 Woodhead Rd, Glasgow G53 7NN.

Curator Fiona Hayes will meet us in the foyer at 2.30

Coats, bags and pens are not allowed in the stores but we have secure lockers where you can leave them during the tour. You can bring your phones and if anyone wants to take notes, pencils are the way to go.

Here’s a link to how to get to GMRC:

Working group: CoTech Website (new designs, copy, content, CTAs) Polly
14.10 Brain break
14.15 2.30 - 3.30 Glasgow Co-operatives Collection [depart venue at 13.20]

Behind the Scenes at the Glasgow Museums Collection - the Cooperatives Collection (not on public display):

Approx 1,000 objects are in the Collection from the Glasgow Co-operative Movement and Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society dating from 1863 -1990.

Glasgow was closely associated with the development of the co-operative movement in Scotland and was also the headquarters of the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society (SCWS) from its formation in 1868 until it was absorbed by the Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) in 1973. Co-operative societies aimed to provide members with good quality products at affordable prices and pay them a regular dividend. The SCWS became an integral part of daily life for the majority of working class Scots. It was a major employer, manufacturer and retailer and provided welfare and banking through the share system. Co-operatives also provided social, education and leisure opportunities through a network of clubs, choirs and women’s guilds.

Glasgow Museums Collections Online /

We'll travel by train from Central Station to the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre.

Working group: CoTech Website (new designs, copy, content, CTAs) Polly
15:00 Working group: CoTech Website (new designs, copy, content, CTAs) Polly

We've scheduled in an Open Session for freelance devs, students, people thinking about setting up a start up in Scotland.

There's lots of interest in the Co-Tech gathering coming to Glasgow from the digital and tech sector - freelancers as well as the agencies and government digital services. But there aren't many of us here - yet. We can change that!

We've proposed the open session for the afternoon of the first day.

Called 'Bossed or Boss?' which is the title of a Co-Tech evening event we ran a few years ago

Glasgow City Council is considering funding this, so it will also bring in a bit of income to Co-Tech towards the event and offset the cost.

We'll invite anyone from the tech / digital sector in Scotland who might be interested in setting up a co-op / would like to know more about worker co-ops to come and meet us. Freelancers, students, people thinking about doing a start-up.

We can inspire with our own stories of what our co-op does and how we got from the idea to what we do now and why co-ops work well for us.

Then, in a follow-up session, various agencies can tell them about the set up in Scotland for co-ops and how to get support: Coop Dev Scotland, Glasgow City Council,

We'll invite everyone to the evening social too - & maybe we'll recruit some amazing talented devs and designers

media co-op is creating some social media assets around it to promote it, I'll post these for feedback soon.

And here's the long link again to the outline schedule (in case the one goes down) with the notional timings: