Glasgow Gathering 2022

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10-11th November 2022, Glasgow

See also the forum thread.


Tickets are available via EventBrite@

  • Member ticket (per person) £72.00
  • Solidarity Ticket £110.00
  • Student/unwaged/can't afford full price £38.00


Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November 2022, 9.30am - 6pm

With a social on Thursday evening.


Glasgow - in Civic House. (As of 2022-09-25 the website was unavailable, there is a copy of it at the Internet Archive)

& the social on Thursday evening will be at another groovy venue.


26 Civic House, Glasgow, G4 9RH

Party venue TBC


You can add something to the programme HERE:

We've scheduled in an Open Session for freelance devs, students, people thinking about setting up a start up in Scotland.

There's lots of interest in the Co-Tech gathering coming to Glasgow from the digital and tech sector - freelancers as well as the agencies and government digital services. But there aren't many of us here - yet. We can change that!

We've proposed the open session for the afternoon of the first day.

Called 'Bossed or Boss?' which is the title of a Co-Tech evening event we ran a few years ago

Glasgow City Council is considering funding this, so it will also bring in a bit of income to Co-Tech towards the event and offset the cost.

We'll invite anyone from the tech / digital sector in Scotland who might be interested in setting up a co-op / would like to know more about worker co-ops to come and meet us. Freelancers, students, people thinking about doing a start-up.

We can inspire with our own stories of what our co-op does and how we got from the idea to what we do now and why co-ops work well for us.

Then, in a follow-up session, various agencies can tell them about the set up in Scotland for co-ops and how to get support: Coop Dev Scotland, Glasgow City Council,

We'll invite everyone to the evening social too - & maybe we'll recruit some amazing talented devs and designers

media co-op is creating some social media assets around it to promote it, I'll post these for feedback soon.

And here's the long link again to the outline schedule (in case the one goes down) with the notional timings: