Glasgow Gathering 2022/Raising Co-op Finance

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Nick (Code-operative), Liam (MediaBlaze Hosts), Leo (Autonomic), Steve (Dev Society), Natasha (Outlandish), Polly (Outlandish), Szczepan (Animorph), Louise (Media Co-op), Lucinda (Media Co-op), Maria (Agile), Aaron (Open Food Network), Calum (Games Co-op), John (Code-operative), Chris C (Webarchitects) and more!


  • Presentation and discussion covered different ways co-ops could raise finance to innovate, spanning:
    • grants (e.g. Innovate UK),
    • co-op equity (as described in "Co-operative Capital a new approach to investment in co-operatives" by Jim Brown),
    • community shares - ref
    • steward-ownership - ref
    • bonds - example

Outcome: reading group

  • Resources shared so far
  • Proposed to start with "Building an alternative economic network Consumer cooperation in Scotland from the 1870s to the 1960s" By D. C. H. WATTS