Circle Call 2019-08-28

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CoTech Decision making Circle Call

Co-ordinator - Liam, Facilitator - Aaron, Note-taker - Pete B


  1. Attendance and apologies
  2. Notes of the last call, Circle Call 2019-07-31 (this didn't take place), notes of the call before last Circle Call 2019-06-26
  3. Autumn 2019 CoTech gathering in Newcastle?
  4. Joint Workers co-op / CoTech weekend May 2020, see the Loomio thread and the Discourse thread
  5. Announcements
  6. Actions
  7. AOB
  8. Next meeting: Circle Call 2019-09-25


The last meeting was in June because of holidays etc.

Actions - some below, plus:

Topics discussed:

The Autumn Cotech Gathering

  • Callum has sussed out a venue, that is similar to Sheffield's venue
  • Costs are around £400 for the venue
  • Planning a carbon-copy event of Sheffield
  • Alpha (?) will co-host
  • The date is yet to be confirmed but in November
  • Callum is going to talk to Jonathan @ Webarchitects (who organised Sheffield) on the main milestones etc
  • Which we also discussed:
    • first book the venue
    • second set up the wiki site for agenda etc
    • third selling tickets (Jonathan can recommend a social venture that does this)
    • Also provide links to accomodation options
  • While remembering to consider disabled access at the venue


  • Talk to each other - Jonathan and Callum
  • Post some dates on the Discourse site (Or Loomio?) to check no obvious clashes - Callum

Joint Workers co-op / CoTech weekend May 2020

  • Chris (sadly) was not on the call and Aaron reported he was worried that not many people had responded to his poll.
  • It was pointed out that we are still many months away from this so perhaps this is not a worry?
  • Agreed to leave it in the agenda and discuss further next time (and in Newcastle)


  • Check with John Atherton that there is no hard deadline from Coops UK's point of view about CoTech finalising this - Aaron.



  • Szczepan drew our attention to and a Show and Tell session this Friday (30th September)
  • ( is the International Coop Alliance discourse site (coop members may join))
  • Szczepan needs a paid Zoom account


  • John at Codeoperative has one and is willing to provide - Szczepan and John to discuss
  • Please tell people in your coops about the event (link?) - All!

Pete and Aaron - Sociocracy event

From Jonathon

  • Ola Binis talk
  • Discussion with Dot Project Coop re: an Energy Software Monitoring app

From Aaron

  • Dot Project Coop started a podcast on women/diversity/tech
  • Agile are looking for a Python Dev to work on a project

Next meeting

  • Liam is happy to continue coordinating for next three months, Szczepan will shadow and take over after that.
  • Aaron happy to continue facilitating including Weds 25th Sept
  • Szczepan will take notes at the next meeting

Thanks from everyone - for a great meeting!