Circle Call 2021-06-30

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Appols: decentral1se (Autonomic Co-op, he/him), Chris Croome

Present: Calum (Code-Operative), Oliver (Cetis LLP), Calix (Autonomic)


  • Calix - open a proposal about the work for Matrix - Hubl - Slack bridge
  • Calum - take the conversation forward about website maintenance and the potential for hiring someone out of the fund to do this
  • Calum - organise a call for the people interested for the Propaganda Working Group
  • Calix - put a forum post out for next month's social call

Facilitator & the fund

  • Discussed the values of having someone to facilitate activity in the network, and in onboarding people into the network (e.g. ensuring that people see the onboarding presentation)
  • Information on the fund, who contributes, budgets as of 2021
  • We _believe_ that the only expenses of the CoTech fund are the Newcastle gathering, the newsletter

Hubl, Matrix, Slack

  • What is Hubl? A French co-operative created originally by members of Happy Dev, Hubl provides methods to share work, and to communicate on a decentralised network of servers - i.e. to federate between co-operatives and share XMPP group chats
  • Usage of Hubl is low amongst CoTech, four or five messages a month in the CoTech group chat
  • Hubl has work opportunities on it, might be of interest to some co-ops
  • There's no maintenance costs for CoTech for the server, discontinuing it seems counter-intuitive if there are some benefits and no costs
  • Discussed the vision of federating CoTech, Happy Dev and FACCTIC. Viewed as positive
  • Other channels: CoTech Slack, CoTech Matrix and CoTech Hubl. Not much overlap between the three in terms of users. Some discussion about building a bridge, Calix going to lead the proposal for the work on this
  • Joining the Matrix chat (
  • Joining CoTech Hubl: contact calum (at) :)


CoTech Propaganda WG

  • Lots of enthusiastic discussion about what we could do. Summary here:
  • Discussed how to get consent from the rest of the network on actions
  • Decided that the most practical thing would be to get people together to discuss the first steps

CoTech Membership

  • May have some use for a membership management tool - Calum mentioned an associated Startin'Blox project
  • Membership is mostly kept track of on the forum, website, Loomio and on a contact spreadsheet and it can become out-of-date
  • Discussed whether this could fall under the responsibilities of a network facilitator

Attendance to the calls

  • Felt it was productive even with three of us
  • Obviously not practical for making decisions
  • Discussed the objective of the calls - keeping people in the loop who go (even without quorum) is a useful function, but bigger turnout would be better for decision making
  • Suggestion to have a fallback activity - when the calls aren't populous enough for decision making or for aspects of the agenda, have something fun and social to do


Online at — 4pm 30th June 2021.