Circle Call 2021-03-31

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Ieva (Blake House), Aaron (Agile), Chris (Webarchitects), Szczepan (Animorph), John (Code-operative), Simon (Blake House)


Appoint facilitator & minute-taker for the meeting

Small group, collectively.

Actions from last call

  • CoTech video: Simon from Blake House is coordinating with Geoff from Animorph; they are planning to open a room at the gathering where people can come to explore ideas and vision of CoTech. Place to flesh out different ways of articulating views; intelligence gathering excercise.
  • Invoices for Fund 2021 have not been sent out yet. Webarchitects will invoice CoTech then, proabably better before June.
  • Chris L to look at using Open Collective to see if it would reduce the work managing the fund - don't know?
  • Summer face to face gathering organised by Agile in Oxford? Chris can raise with Aaron. -> It would be good to discuss at the upcoming online gathering, there will be a session lead by Sion (Principle Six). Gathering hasn't been confirmed yet, contract being finalised.

CoTech member updates

  • Chris C emailed 8 co-ops who are missing from our website but only 2 replied so far. Will see who will be up for editing the website at the gathering next week.
  • There are also some co-ops that left (e.g. Greennet has not transitioned into a co-op structure) or might not exist anymore (E-commerce and GlowBox?)

CoTech spring break gathering

Directory with inputs from people who committed to running sessions: (public link, no login required:


  • People have signed up to run sessions
    • Website working, handbooks, Hubl, chat, digital infrastructure, challenges to cooperation - 5 sessions on Thursday, 3 on Friday (physical gathering, international collaboration, fun circle) + checkout with potential decision making (particularly in regards to the gathering.
  • We hope people would engage with other tasks throughout the gathering, e.g. website, code of conduct on forum, what's the purpose of CoTech!
  • Lineup will be posted in the evening/first thing tomorrow.

Fun Circle (John, Kayleigh, Simon)

  • Work Adventure should be open for the social drinks aspect on thursday and friday. More attended on Friday.
    • Simon wants to have a lair in workadventure with a surprise character.
  • Want to have a more involved game session on Friday, have a lead that Abi and Matt are gameheads, so going to follow that up. Any other gamer geek names appreciated.
  • General Silliness throughout, prizes for best background etc. Weird sensuous rituals about velcro and smelling cinnamon.
  • Setting up email for so we can share login to customise the space



  • The Discourse forum mailing list mode has bee re-enabled
  • Aaron discovered something in his wandering around the internet!
    • Nostos:
    • Sounds familiar to what we are doing, Aaron will speak to them next week to see what they are up to - is there something we can learn from them? And perhaps how our website could communicate clearly what we offer?
    • Perhaps we could redo our website, something to consider at the upcoming gathering.