Circle Call 2021-02-24

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  • Chris Croome
  • Chris Lowis
  • Geoff Animorph
  • Miko
  • Pedro Falcao
  • Polly
  • Sz
  • Trav
  • patcon (observer)

New members

Notes of the last meeting

  • Invoicing Fund - Webarchitects for hosting - does it need to wait? Probably not, it's good for it to be regular. Chris C to sort out.
  • Financial update

Newsletter Fund Proposal

CoTech Fund

  • Could we have email group for CoTech members? Better to use the Discourse category
  • Chris L to look at using Open Collective to see if it would reduce the work managing the fund

Hubl Update

  • Thread on Loomio
  • Szczepan will start a Discourse thread
  • Could we add a sticky thread to Discourse to repost things on Hubl

CoTech Video 2021

  • Proposal
  • Would be great if they bring up a specific idea with costs.
  • Can someone volunteer to act as a client for this?

Spring Break gathering

  • 8-9 April online
  • Morning part on Thursday, 10am-1pm; being from 'state of the union' and have several parallel threads running in parallel
  • Friday afternoon planning physical meeting and have fun into the night
  • Summer face to face gathering organised by Agile in Oxford? Chris can raise with Aaron.

Date of next meeting

Date of the next meeting, 31st March 2021 at 4pm

Date and Location

Wednesday 24th February 2021, 4pm, online at


  • Attendance, who is here from which co-ops?
  • Check in, how is everybody?
  • Agree a note taker, who would like to take notes of the meeting?
  • Agree the order of the agenda.
  • Notes of last meeting.
  • Membership updates:
  • Newsletter fund proposal.
  • Hubl update
  • CoTech 2021 video.
  • Spring online mini-gathering - 2020 thread.