Community Call 25 January 2018

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January 25, 2018



  • Chris Lowis (Go Free Range)
  • John Bevan (We Are Open)
  • Laura Hilliger (We Are Open)
  • Simon Grant (Cetis LLP)
  • Fabian Tompsett (Digital Liberties)
  • Finn Lewis (Agile Collective) - [[1]]
  • Bryan Mathers (We Are Open)
  • Roy Brooks (
  • Daniel Stanley (Small Axe)
  • Cat Ainsworth (The Dot Project)
  • Liam MacLeod (MediaBlaze Hosts)

Agenda Overview

  • Welcome and connecting (10 mins)
    • Scheduling a monthly call (10) (DONE)
    • fourth week of the month
    • Doodle day of the week
    • Wednesday or ...
    • 3pm 4pm 5pm
  • CoTech Newsletter - the setup is done - what should it do? (luke m.)
    • DONE is to start post in discourse about the newsletter. (Chris ping Luke)
    • Luke sent apologies as unable to participate on this occasion
      • Make a public newsletter, Internal vs External, chat with co-op news about sharing
      • Chat to Coop News re content that may be of interest to the wider coop audience
      • We need a volunteer
    • monthly newsletter
    • Tell other members about other members, case studies or profiles each members
      • template the member profile (could this be a podcast?), link to member profiles on the site, deeper dive as a network member. Individuals, building trust and relationships as opposed to the regular "this is what we do" profile.
    • Include upcoming events from the discourse
    • Updates from various groups.
    • Member recognition, i.e: group that has provided an excellent service or been apart of community events (similar to Coop Rose) if anyone has seen her newsletters
    • Collaborative bid standing item??
    • Newsletter with revolving responsibility might help with ownership
  • CoTech brand identity group - report back and feed in (Dan S, Sion W)
    • met a few weeks ago, we will write a brief for ourselves to clarify what we're doing and how.
    • meeting in a week, sending around the group and get feedback. Document on Discourse.
    • once this goes round, we'll start doing the bits
    • Next meeting 7th of Feb. Space 4 meetup
  • Can anyone who was there give a brief report from 2 CoTech events at Space4?
  • 2 presentations, talk by someone who works in private sector, there's a video, put our slides on github:
    • Go Free Range slides from the presentation Chris Roos gave:
    • Event details:
    • There's another event, once a month.
    • Skillshare: Fabian got a lot out of it, about 12 people showed. How the co-op businesses were run. (
    • Liam and several others CoTech had a meet regarding co-op based web hosting, putting together a group to work on putting together a data center.
    • Initial meeting held 15th December 2017 - link to OP: also includes link to agenda discussed.
    • Be good to talk about the constitution uk/non-uk issue ( (chris l.)
  • 1st capture that we have said no to non-UK in the constitution, so we can ratify it. Give clarity to current members.
  • Without a constitution it's hard to know how to interact and what's expected.
  • Link to constitution:
  • DONE 2nd propose an amendment to make a change to allow outside : Have a conversation later.
  • Cat collaborative bid for the coop group
  • how we collectively bid in the future for projects, how would we practically implement.
  • A group of co-ops have come together to see if we could pitch collective services, and we've realized it's quite ambitious. Using this as a learning experience, dot project is coordinating the process, and we've been keeping notes! Because we're awesome, we've got a lot of rich information, a deep dive into 5 organisations, identified key priorities, what should we be focusing on right now.
  • Working out the best way to share out this information, there isn't anything like what CoTech is or what CoTech could be.
  • Would like to feedback in a physical place, actually. But that's always tricky, so we're looking at a report.


  • collaborative 5 minutes about next call.
  • Collaborative bid standing item??
  • more localized informal get togethers, how can we make sure this happens, chat business over beer :) (Liam wants to organize meetup in the north)

Ideas we might borrow from Enspiral: "a foundation of mutual care and trust", or e.g.

I wrote this point.


   - We Are Open Co-op met IRL last week and wrote up our meeting here:
   - The CoTech Project Management skill share hosted at Space4 last week. This was the first in a series of these sort of events.
   - The first CoTech meet-up at Space4 last night
   - Follow the CoTech twitter account as per Polly’s message in