Circle Call 2020-08-29

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  • Appoint facilitator & minute-taker for the meeting
  • Actions from last meeting, Circle Call 2020-07-29
  • CoTech Gathering in Oxford Sept/Oct
  • Workers Co-op Weekend 2021
  • Updating the website


Actions: John - Create link on cotech to the hubl sign up page:

Polly - create thread on cotech to get html written for new cotech website designs

John - ask Leo about putting his contact details out there


  • Appoint facilitator & minute-taker for the meeting
  • Facilitator: Doug
  • Minute taker: John
  1. Checkin
  2. Doug fine, not having fun with a steam roller
  3. Chris, good
  4. Aaron, high-energy
  5. John, tired
  6. Nick, fine, standing to attention, yet tired
  7. Asia, alright, little bit sore throat from the weather
  8. Polly - hungover
  9. Pete - good, bouncy, perceptive
  10. Geoff - working hard in the country, happy and healthy
  11. Actions from last meeting,
  12. Chris will check the amount that CoTech owes Web Architects for hosting and invoice CoTech for 2020 - DONE
  13. Mel will open a Discourse proposal for trialing within CoTech - what are the options etc - DONE
  14. Szczepan, Chris and Calum will start an email conversation about community animation and newsletter - DONE
  15. Can be picked up with Calum
  16. Polly and Aaron to update the Loomio proposal for Hubl - DONE
  17. Passed and Hubl is being set up. Hubl is the new skills/project directory that Happy Dev have created. Can use this for posting jobs for referrals rather than the forums
  18. Hubl is live now so people's accounts are being created at some point
  19. Have license to improve
  21. Brush up on your French
  22. Add guide to cotech
  23. Polly and Mattheus to contact the developers of the current website (Chris L, Nick, Go Free Range, ...?), to assess the time and cost needed to implement the proposed designs
  24. Spoke to Chris L, need to create a thead on cotech forum to turn the designs into html
  25. Add planning for next gathering to next month's agenda - Done
  26. Aaron will organise the next call - DONE
  27. Reach out to carbon coop -DONE
  28. Szczepan says they don't think they are a good fit
  29. He is going to persist to get them if possible
  30. Chris - Workers Co-op Weekend May 2021
  31. Last year we were going to do a cotech gathering as a joint event with workers coop weekend
  32. Near Bakewell (near Sheffield)
  33. Booked for a weekend in May, although up in the air because of covid
  34. Thornbridge Hall
  35. Theme could be nice
  36. Want to do more outward focused sessions rather than the very "what is cotech" sessions we all enjoy
  37. e.g. Get the designers together in one place, the comms people in one place
  38. Would be good to suggest workshops ahead of time
  39. Chris - Updating the website
  40. Dot Project want to update their section of the website and could anyone turn a google doc with text and images into markdown for the website?
  41. Some minor stuff to take care of, image formats etc and making sure clients have markdown files as well
  42. The site we have now is harder to edit for people who feel themselves to be non-technical
  43. Doug happy to help Dot Project out, conversation to continue offline
  44. Tools available to complete this task
  45. Lack of markdown knowledge potentially a barrier
  46. Kayleigh- Commonwealth Panel Event
  47. Oct 7th, Josh from Commonwealth wants people on the event
  48. Consensus that having a policy that cotech can't provide panels without at least 2 non-Pale, non-Male participants is desired
  49. Asia is looking for existing policy that can be adapted
  51. Aaron - application from Preston Digital Foundation:
  52. Preston Digital emailed the mailing list, Aaron eventually caught it after 2 weeks
  53. PDF joining will be turned into a proposal very soon
  54. Outlandish had a strange experience with a precursor to this organisation that didn't leave a cooperative taste in the mouth
  55. Aaron is uploading the PDF pdf.
  56. Aaron - CoTech Gathering in Oxford Sept/Oct:
  57. Responses to form, seems like October is the month to choose
  58. Concern that not many people will come because the situation is changeable
  59. If numbers are a concern then could book in such a way that it's less of a risk
  60. Could attempt to engage people online
  61. Meeting rooms in Agile office gives 4 separate spaces
  62. Could be a day then an evening
  63. Quick temperature check on the feasibility - mixed response
  64. Could do it in space4, but run the risk of London centricness
  65. Newsletter [Calum c/o John]
  66. Calum has found someone to write the newsletter for us
  67. Leo, a friendly finn is hoping to get the next one out by the end of September
  68. Runs an online publication called Mutual Interest which is a coop, of the writers and subscribers
  69. Writing it for free and we can explore this as a service for other networks
  70. At some point there will be a request for content
  72. Community Animation - Calling all coops [John]
  73. 20 minute conversation
  74. build up a picture of what kinds of coops are in coop, what they do, size, project types, sectors
  75. ATM this is all done ad hoc
  76. develop a new "taxonomy" for new and existing members to gain an understanding
  77. spreasheet with questions and a questionnaire.
  78. check if they are still the right person when they're on the call
  79. Checking out
  80. Pete - good to see things are still rolling
  81. Nick - feeling good
  82. Aaron - hour feels tight, but plowing ahead has seemed to work and always nice to see everyone
  83. Chris - nice to see everyone, good that no one works for a razor company
  84. Asia - feeling good, didn't know what to expect, read a lot beforehand, worried it would be arcane, but had a good time and will find it easy to convey back to good praxis
  85. Leo - coolest reason to be late, drum and bass fan, good to see people and progres on items, would be good to have an informal thing after the meeting to chat about coop stuff
  86. John - feeling somehow less tired, enjoyed taking the notes

Next call is September 30th at 4pm