Circle Call 2022-05-25

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Wednesday, 25th May 2022 @4pm in CoTech room, see also the forum post.


  • Check-in
  • Matters arising from the last call, which are not already on the agenda
  • CoTech gathering in Birmingham - thread.
  • Check-out


  • Time: 4pm 25th May 2022
  • Attendees: Szczepan (animorph), Asa (animorph). John (code-op), Michael (DCR), Chris (Webarchitects)


Where is the geological divide with sociological implications:

Actions from last call

CoTech gathering in Birmingham

  • Booked venue for gathering, called warehouse cafe, 9am-9pm on 15th and 16th June
    • Some talk about booking their garden, they run their venue as 3 different orgs so it's hard to know exactly who to talk to. But we definitely have a booking for meeting rooms and cafe
  • Need to tell them if we want food and how much paying them for use of the cafe.
  • Are we selling tickets?
    • Yes: raises money for CoTech (bouncers required?) - no.
    • No: easier, already passed proposal to pay for it - yes.
      • Decided open to all, for highly moral reasons.
  • Publicising:
    • John has list of all coops hello@, info@ - Szczepan happy to do it, keep people in the loop, set up a little ledger.
    • Newsletter - essentially a forum post?
    • Include basic information about gathering, and that it's free, bring and accomodate yourself somehow.
    • John - Post in the thread, edit the existing thread, mention people who said they're coming as well.
  • Planning sessions:
    • Sharing policies from Hannah.
    • Coordinator Proposal Sessions:
    • John to start wiki page for sessions so people can add stuff.
    • Preparing for 'Ways Forward' gathering, Graham talking about October in Manchester:
    • Could also have running sessions (over 2 days) to fix different things, e.g. a website.
    • The new workers co-op federation and the relationship to CoTech:
      • Could we use this as the legal entity we've been talking about?
      • Could we share some of the coordination tasks with our potential Network Coordinator?
      • Feedback from Finn and Sion about working coop council.
      • Szczepan to ask Sion Whellens to run the session.
  • Anything else to get sorted out?
    • Roles on the day e.g. facilitator, note-taker.
    • Ask in the email if anyone wants to be a facilitator for one day. At Wortley hall paid Seeds for Change to provide facilitators. Seems that we are able to run ourselves
  • Thank you for everyone's help and support so far, let's make it happen.


  • See you in Birmingham!