Circle Call 2022-04-27

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Wednesday, 27th April 2022 @4pm in CoTech room, see also the forum post.


  • Check-in
  • Matters arising from the last call, which are not already on the agenda
  • Worker Co-op weekend - thread.
  • Fund update - thread.
  • CoTech gathering in Birmingham - thread.
  • Check-out


Time: 4pm 27th April 2022

Attendees: John (code-op), Steve ( dev society), Szczepan (animorph)


Szczepan - make loomio proposal for funding gathering

John - send juicy parts for loomio proposal

  1. Check-in
  2. Matters arising from the last call, which are not already on the agenda
    1. Blakehouse invoiced for the gathering that we had during the pandemic, so Chris will pay that and
  3. CoTech gathering in Birmingham
    1. Put on loomio, pass proposal on there for date and money
    2. Talked with Nick Cweb
    3. Meeting him again tomorrow
    4. Have outlined venues
    6. Propose venue + refreshment fund
  4. Cotech Coordinator
    2. Role outline
      1. Bidding and landing larger work, what kind of work will be aimed for?
      2. In the current proposal, this will be determined by the objectives agreed between the coordination circle (delegated from general circle) and the coordinator.
  5. Worker Co-op weekend - thread.
    1. Can't go :-( (x2)
  6. Fund update - thread.
    2. Outstanding payment to Blake House, then new report.
  7. Fund commitments are being reconsidered now, perhaps contributions based on revenue? 2 types of membership?
  8. Check-out