Circle Call 2020-10-28

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  • New Cooperative Management and Marketing Programme at Essex
  • Hubl update
  • CoTech Video


Who's here:

  • Chris Lowis (Go Free Range)
  • Lucy King (In Fact)
  • Doug Belshaw (We Are Open)
  • Harry Robbins (Outlandish)
  • Szczepan Orlowski (Animorph)

Hubl update (Szczepan)

  • Hubl is a tool we'd like to use to help us share skills among the CoTech network
  • English translation is being worked on
  • Sz has spoken to a number of coops to introduce them to Hubl
  • Software is still quite slow and in French so we're not pushing it too hard.
  • Doug is helping some people with a project to create local social networks from federated raspberry pis (elixir / react). Anyone interested in this should get in touch with Doug.

Essex University update (Lucy)

  • no longer a placement scheme, there were too many students and not enough host co-ops.
  • now it's more about specific areas of interest within co-ops, e.g. financing
  • this morning was a Q&A with students to meet co-ops and it went really well
  • there'll be another session on Co-op Marketting.
  • goal for this term is to help the students work out what areas are interesting to them. Next term they will have a research topic and will be in touch with co-ops
  • Lucy wants to get as many people from CoTech involved as possible
  • There's a forum where we can get involved and discuss with students
  • Keep an eye on the thread ( for details of how to get involved
  • Harry to start a thread on forum to collate the academic research that has been done about CoTech.

New videos (Szczepan)

  • Sz has an idea to use CoTech funds to update video that Blake House made about CoTech several years ago.
  • All were in agreement that this would be a good idea.
  • Sz will find out more before the next call.

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