Circle Call 2020-04-29

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  • Alternatives to Zoom
  • Fund
  • Digital Gathering


Polly (Outlandish), Chris (Web Architects), Szczepan (Animorph)


Alternatives to Zoom

  • Chris: We could use Big Blue Button using demo site, WebArchs and other co-ops agreed to set up a dedicated server. Info thread
  • Polly: Could you share more information about your plans? Perhaps Solid Fund or CoTech could contribute? There's also developer time...
  • Chris: Sounds good, people can also buy shares in WebArchitects, which could be an investment into hardware. Once we take a test server off the ground we will provide more information.


Szczepan: We recently invited CoTech members to join the Fund in 2020. Several co-ops got in touch, we just need to invoice them on behalf of the fund. Polly: I'm happy to do that! Thanks!

Digital Gathering

  • Co-ops UK are organising an online worker weekend. Should we join?
  • Chris: I am finding online sessions difficult, I will be up for hanging out for a beer but not much more than that.
  • Polly: Perhaps we could organise a session on 'How to meet the digital needs' on procuring from CoTech. Regardless, definitely up for a beer, on PubHub! The other week we had an online session on business * development. Small Axe demonstrated their rate card, which could be developed for CoTech. Outlandish and Small Axe are looking into creating another call.
  • Szczepan: The skill sharing effort at the previous gatherings was moving in this direction. I was hoping it would help us to pass the jobs between co-ops more easily...
  • Polly: This hit a stalemate when StartninBlox were not ready to be implemented last year... I will contact Calum and ask whether we could reignite the conversation.


  • Everyone: Look out for an email regarding the rate cards.
  • Code-Operative/Polly: Polly will reach out to Code-op about setting up Blox instance to finding more ways to hire each other).
  • Polly/Szczepan: Contribute to the online worker weekend.
  • Polly: Invoice co-ops for Fund 2020
  • Everyone: Let's meet for a digital beer!