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Working group as part of the Newcastle 2019 gathering


Agenda: Skills Sharing For Economic & Social Goals

Our working group will, we expect, have two threads:

  1. a technical team who will consider implemention of Startin' Blox or some other service
  2. a requirements and design team who will assemble what requirements there are and compare those to what Startin' Blox (etc.) can offer
Technical Requirements
Questions to consider for the weekend
  • What is the Semantic Web?
  • What is Startin' Blox?
  • How is Startin' Blox being used by Happy Dev/Code-Operative?
  • What functionality is it feasible to offer CoTech, whether through Startin' Blox or otherwise?
  • How could it benefit CoTech?
  • What is missing for it to be really beneficial to CoTech?

What are the skills-related issues that our member co-ops are facing at the moment? For example:

  • learning and development within the individual co-op
  • internal transparency of what skills there are in the co-op
  • letting potential clients know of the co-op's skill set
  • finding people in other co-ops for back up when overstretched
  • finding complementary skills in other co-ops for collaborative projects or bids

What is our shared current situation?

  • How have CoTech members collaborated thus far?
  • What communication structures are there in CoTech?
  • How is CoTech organised?

What might collaboration entail?

  • What resources does CoTech have at its disposal
  • What resources do members have at their disposal
  • Do CoTech members currently make efforts towards social goals beyond their economic needs?

What ideas can we envisage together for the future?

  • Fostering closer relationships between members
  • Sharing information about resources
  • Possible systems for sharing for specific goals
  • Ideas for general skills sharing (e.g. training)

Identify requirements fulfilled by Startin’ Blox, and which remain

How to prepared before the conference
  • Find out the basics of how Startin' Blox works
  • Gather information about any other possible technical solutions
  • Think about discussion points and come with ideas
Who should join this working group
  • People interested in Startin’ Blox (etc.) technology and how it works
  • People interested in turning CoTech from an acquaintance into a friend
  • People who would like to share efforts towards social and economic goals
  • People with ideas/interest in CoTech’s structure and governance

Who to contact to get involved with the preparation

Calum Mackervoy
Simon Grant