Circle Call 2020-02-26

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  • Welcome new co-ops
  • Fund update
  • Worker Co-op Weekend
  • Decision making process
  • CoTech EMF


  • Abi (Outlandish)
  • John, Maciek (Code-Operative)
  • Chris Lowis (Go Free Range)
  • Chris Croome (Webarchitects)
  • Sz (Animorph)
  • Lucy (InFact)
  • Alex (Common Knowledge)
  • Leo (Autonomic)


  • Welcome new co-ops Jarrow and Paper Rhino. Web Architects have worked with Paper Rhino - we never realised they were a co-op, now we do and they've joined!
  • Chris L has been "on-boarding" Danny from Jarrow and Chris C has been working with Paper Rhino.
  • Alex raised that it would be good to have a better on-boarding process. There was agreement.
  • Happy Dev have a "president of the network"
  • We spoke about using funds to hire someone to help build the network
  • Leo, Alex and Lucy all expressed interest in joining the CoTech fund.
  • Problems we were trying to solve:
    • Constitution only talks about decisions on membership and doesn't have guidance on how to do something else
    • The call is a good space for decisions to be made but it felt that the quoracy requirements meant that it was hard to make a decision
  • Lucy couldn't vote (no Loomio account) - this seems like a problem
  • Alex in favour of a deepening relationship in CoTech. Is nervous about what happens to more peripheral members.
    • If there is a change to how the democratic processes we need to work out a way of letting everyone know what is planned
    • In order to facilitate this we should move the date back
  • Sz wanted to make us aware of the Co-op liason proposal:
  • Abi said that in a sociocratic style considering the votes to point the direction of travel is a good way to think about it


  • Alex volunteered to update the processes for on-boarding the next time someone joins. To talk to people who have on-boarded recently (Chris L, Chris C, Danny @ Jarrow) for information.
  • Sz to ask Aaron @ Agile about the work to flesh out the benefits of membership
  • Chris L and Sz to work out how to turn January's proposals into changes to the constitution
  • Chris L to make sure Lucy and Alex are on Loomio