Circle Call 2019-10-30

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See the call thread on the forum, this call will be using from 4pm onwards on 30th October 2019.


  • Attendance, apologies and agree on a note taker and the agenda
  • Matters arising from the last meeting
  • We have been invited to attend the Annual Assembly Facttic, December 6th and 7th in Argentina
  • CoTech Newcastle 2019 Gathering, Friday 13th (the day after the General Election) and Saturday 14th December, 10am-5pm
  • AOB
  • Date of next meeting


Google docs notes which have been converted into HTML and placed below, note that these could do with the formatting sorting out...

Date: 30/10/2019


Aaron - Agile Collective

Polly Outlandish

Jonathan - Webarchitects

David - Co-op Web (Standing in for Nick)

Szczepan - Animorph

Calum + John - Code-Operative

Nigel - ??

Simon Grant – Cetis LLP – asimong (everywhere including gmail)

Chris - Web Architects


  1. Let happy dev know that we’re looking to setup Startin’ Blox - Calum
  2. Enquire for volunteers to cook lunch, or about alternative lunch plans, by November - Calum
  3. Is the election going to get in the way of people travelling to the conference? If so, post this information to people on the Wiki - Calum
  4. Organise the election night party - John, Calum


  1. Cotech Gathering in December
  1. Calum is leading on organising this. Work so far:
  1. Wikipedia is updated, including some options for accommodation,
  2. Still need to decide what to do for lunch. We could cook together or we can go out to local restaurants
  1. Polly: Think that working is more valuable than cooking
  2. Simon: Some people enjoy cooking and those interactions (but obviously if not enough energy, revert to Polly’s position)
  3. Calum: One working group could also be cooking simultaneously
  4. Aaron: Worker Co-op weekend they get Suma to cook, though that is planned way in advance
  1. URGENT: one or two people need to take responsibility for the working groups. Last year’s were:
  1. Branding and comms
  2. Website (tech)
  3. Governance and membership
  4. Skills sharing - Simon Grant (Other participants: Happy Dev (Probably), John, Calum)
  1. Getting Startin Blox instance up and running. Matt (Outlandish contact) would be willing to do this, pay them out of the fund
  2. Simon: There are some things that the software doesn’t do, so we should have a look at this ahead of time also to decide what else needs to be added or alternative works
  3. Simon: We might want to break into two groups (one more about recruitment, and one more about StartinBlocks??)
  4. can we get interested people together beforehand
  1. Onboarding -
  2. Fund - Szczepan
  3. Business development - Polly
  1. New suggestions:
  1. Ecology / sustainability - Jonathan
  2. Sharing resources toward social and economic goals- Paula
  3. Suggestion (Jonathan): the Newcastle group (Code Operative) decide overall and co-ordinate who does what when, but let people self-select if they have time to prepare for holding a session? (suggestion - Jonathan)
  4. ^^ Push back on this because Newcastle don’t really have the capacity of skills to dictate the programme. Calum suggested keeping co-ordinators of workshops in touch with each other through some channel (Agreed - Jonathan)
  5. Potentially a session on getting CoopsUK more involved - Nick from Co-opWeb. The Phone Co-op would no doubt be happy to send someone, if asked.
  6. (Simon) I’d like a short session, not a working group, on the idea of collaborating around setting up a consultancy operation dealing with both the information tech and the social tech (e.g. organisational change)
  1. Full list is here: <a class="c13" href= ""></a>
  2. Polly : not all of these need to be working groups - some can be collaborative sessions
  3. Who would lead a session? List ..

Jonathan:I’d like a time (20 mins?) to present to the whole group an idea for some software under Ecology / sustainability - but perhaps that’s for Show and Tell?

  1. Annual Assembly Factic
  1. The Argentinian group of Tech Co-ops are having their annual assembly 6th and 7th December. There’s an option to dial in. Probably unlikely that anyone will actually go physically.
  1. Election
  1. It’s important to tell people that they will need to get a postal vote or vote in the morning if they are planning to travel up to Newcastle on the Thursday
  2. There’s a link to the Election Tech Handbook, co-ordinated by Newspeak House, which is a really useful resource for anyone who wants to get behind the election
  3. Outlandish have direct contact with Momentum, who they share a building with. Also working with NEU, TUC and others. Code-Operative have contact with ACORN
  1. Show and Tell
  1. <a class="c13" href= ""></a>
  2. Outlandish are organising a show&tell for early December, people are welcome to join
  3. Suggestion to get co-ops to prepare a document about their “top 10 projects” of the year, and post these on a wall at the conference
  1. Codesign for next year of events (mainly london coops)

Anything arising from last meeting?


Message from Jonathan 4.40pm: I am getting  error msgs "Connection Interrupted : Trying to reconnect" and long silences - audio total loss for long times ... So it's not worth continuing for me, and i also got a 5.30 pm meeting so with apologies - I will read the minutes later and keep in touch, over and out - Jonathan