Circle Call 2020-03-25

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  • Catch up on Covid-19
  • Welcome new co-ops
  • Co-ops UK project
  • Permanent Fund
  • CoTech Business Development Guild inaugural workshop
  • AOB


Dean (Code-Operative), Szczepan (Animorph, minutes), Melissa (Code-Operative), Aaron (Agile, chair), Polly (Outlandish), Lucy (In-Fact), Nick (Co-operative Web)


Catch up on Covid-19

Furloughing question
  • Polly: Who is looking into this and how to carry it out? Waiting for the government to make specific announcements, particularly about freelancers.
  • Nick: We are looking into doing it for our .NET team until the delayed work is going to return.
  • Lucy: There's only three of us so it feels like it would need to be all or nothing, wondering if it can be done partially. Information out there is very limited.
  • Dean: We are an agency of freelancers, we have not been impacted by the current situation, projects are still rolling, not sure about long term.
  • Aaron: We would find it difficult to commit to fully furlough someone since they might be needed for some tasks.
  • Szczepan: Due to disruption and working from home we feel more like there's not enough hands!
  • Aaron: People with kids might not be able to work now, so they could be furloughed and their tasks taken over by others.
  • Polly: I will try to gather the information on the topic and share it with everyone.

Welcome new co-ops

Welcome to Clear Honest Design!

Co-ops UK project

Nick: I have had discussions with Midcounties Co-op and Co-ops UK about social media directory for co-ops. Co-ops UK came back early this year with a large brief. We thought that the project could be more for CoTech than just Co-operative Web. In February we engaged with Dot Project and Agile for scoping phase and discovery. In the future other co-ops from CoTech could be involved. Co-op Web has been facilitating the process.

Aaron: We were contacted mostly because the main site of Co-ops UK are on Drupal, we were brought in after the brief stage, about to sign a contract.

Everyone very supportive, great work!

Polly: It would be great to capture this work to write up a case study afterwards!

Permanent Fund


  • Pilot year report has been published last month and discussed at the last circle call. After the call we met with Chris and wondered how the proposals passed in January could be adapted to make sure we avoid previously unforseen consequences while continuing with the fund. Chris posted the outcome on Loomio the other day.
  • More co-ops expressed intention to join the fund.
  • How to join has not been clear, people can reach out to treasurer at We will contact all the co-ops about contributing to the fund for 2020.
  • Polly: If someone contacts us interested in joining the Fund it is worth checking if they are actually from CoTech.

CoTech Business Development Guild inaugural workshop

  • Event scheduled for 21st April 2-5pm.
  • Aaron: We should be able to do it remotely? If anyone wants to be added, put your email address here! Potentially get in touch with harry at


  • Nick: Would be great to verify whether people who advertise jobs or services on the forum are from co-ops.
  • Aaron: Forum is entirely open and perhaps it should not be or we could have a private section or another communication platform.
  • Szczepan: There's ICA's Mattermost instance set up by people from FACTTIC, perhaps we could also chat there, it's already active!


  • Fund: Reach out to co-ops to invite them to join Fund for permanent (Szczepan and Chris)
  • Forum: Make a referral part of the forum private. Start a thread on Loomio (Aaron)
  • Loomio: vote to support CoTech subscription!(Everyone)
  • Try out global co-operative chat Mattermost! (Everyone)

Report rom the previous meeting

On benefits of joining CoTech: