New Member Checklist

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This is what needs to be done when a new member joins CoTech:

Also check the Infrastructure and Communication list.

  1. Ask in Slack for a Wordpress Admin to create a user account for the CoTech site. The new member can then add their co-op's details.
  2. Invite them to Slack.
    • Any existing Slack member should be able to invite the new member.
  3. Invite them to Discourse.
    • Ask the new member to sign up to Discourse.
  4. Invite them to Loomio.
    • Contact Chris Lowis, Chris Roos, Harry Robbins, James Mead or John Bevan to invite the new member.
  5. Create an account for them on this wiki.
  6. Invite them to the private email list.
  7. Send a link to Introduction to CoTech to the new member