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Documentation for the CoTech website at

Updating the site

The CoTech website is a static site that uses Jekyll to generate the site from markdown.

It is possible to edit markdown files and upload images through the GitLab Web IDE, meaning you don't need to setup the site locally to make changes. Details on how to make changes to the site can be found in the README file for the site. See below on getting access to the git repository for the site.

Accessing the code at

The code is hosted at

If your co-op is a member of Webarchitects then your email domain should be whitelisted and you can sign up for an account and then request to join the CoTech group.

If your co-op isn't a member then you will need to either join as an organisation or an individual.

Issue tracker

The issues queue can be found:

Please create issues for any problems you find with the site or any issues you have making changes to the site.