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This is one of the pages on this wiki which came out of the Wortley Hall 2017
Co-operative Technologists Second Annual Gathering at Wortley Hall, 27-29 November 2017.

Welcome to CoTech! - info for members

So you’ve joined CoTech!

We are a network of co-operatives that sell tech/digital and creative services, newly formed in 2016. We are all unique, have different skills, operate in different ways, and run our cooperatives differently. We use our experience, skills, resources and knowledge collectively to grow the coop economy together.

Why do organisations join CoTech?

As a collaborative network sharing skills and information, we can achieve more than on our own.  We are a support network to each other, and with the diverse experience and skills across the network there is endless opportunity to grow the skills and opportunities for each coop. Some member organisations find work in collaboration, by co-pitching for contracts or subcontracting, or sign-posting work to each other.

How do we communicate and share stuff?

We have a bunch of ways to collaborate and share information and resources.  There is no one person responsible for any of our tools and platforms, so ask anyone in the network if you need support or a guiding hand to find the right tool for what you’d like to do. The key tools are

  • Public Discourse community forum for discussion and information sharing
  • Private CoTech wiki (where you are now!) for collective content and knowledge management
  • Public facing website for telling the world what we do
  • Loomio as our private platform for member decision-making

To find the up to date list and description of their use see: Infrastructure and Communication

We also have in person meetings - an annual meeting which in 2016 and 2017 was at Wortley Hall, and we are planning more regular physical and virtual meetups. Attendees generally find these extremely valuable for building trust amongst members of the network, and sharing the coop love! For up to date info see Main Page#Events. The logistics for the 2017 event were organised by two people in voluntary time, after a couple of framing meetings with 10-15 attendees.

We also have an email address for communication with the outside world including potential members and clients, which is monitored by ad-hoc volunteers.

How do we make decisions?

CoTech is still figuring out its identity as a network / organisation. Most CoTech activities are carried out in good faith by ad-hoc working groups with energy for those things. As a member, if you want something to happen, it’s normal to discuss it with other members and just get on with it, with whoever joins in. Decisions that affect all members materially are made by consensus using Loomio. Each member organisation has one voice in discussions, is equally empowered to make proposals, and can make one response to every proposal - if you want to.  At the moment the network has no collective funds or other material resources.

What can I do now?

  • Read the constitution at Wortley Hall 2017/CoTech Constitution - this is still work in progress as we figure out what we are
  • Join the discussion forums on Discourse and Loomio and be part of the decisions needing your vote - if you want to be more involved
  • Add your coop to the CoTech website and take the time to understand what your fellow coops do
  • You too can initiate new events, discussions, skills sharing or ideas for expanding the network - just start the conversation!
  • Attend our events, and talk about CoTech with your colleagues and the world!