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This is one of the pages on this wiki which came out of the Wortley Hall 2017
Co-operative Technologists Second Annual Gathering at Wortley Hall, 27-29 November 2017.

Salipipi (CoTech sales pipeline) initial contact process

Network Coordinator Job Description

Hello! I have written a draft job description for a network coordinator role that I think has relevance to what your group is working on: CoTech_Network_Coordinator_Job_Description. Please review and comment! I will be proposing it as a project on fund.coops.tech (when that infrastructure exists). EdSaperia (talk) 11:23, 29 November 2017 (UTC)

Areas for improvement around current process:

  • No clear processes in place, leads to adhoc opportunities (which is good) but this could be improved to encourage more collaborations
  • Key aspect is how can we create a journey which is seamless for client/potential client. Working with CoTech collab should have added value for client, not create confusion/unclear communications

Key areas for consideration:

Is there a minimum value? Eg. Are CoTech collabs only worth it if the value of funding available is over a certain amount

  • Depends on organisation
  • Minimum value is relative to size of organsiation
  • Important for transparency around how low people are prepared to go, this will help us push smaller value opportunities in the right direction What is our capacity to bid on larger value opportunities?
  • Who carries the risk currently?
  • Usually the largest coop Does CoTech need to be a legal entity?
  • Probably not yet but maybe in the future, and maybe for specific opportunities
  • What is our capacity to 1) bid for and 2) deliver larger pieces of work? We’re not really sure of the scale What is the cost of collaboration?
  • We must consider how much time it takes to 1) work on business development and 2) bring together collaborative approaches We need a budget available to support business development What are the travel costs associated to pursuing and winning new business for CoTech?

A common understanding, and collective voice is key, to ensure consistent messaging on what CoTech is and what CoTech can do.

How can we create a positive experience for the client?

  • Clear communication and some consistency is key. Therefore a dedicated resource may be needed

What information do we need to prepare joint bids?

  • Organisational case studies
  • Information on areas of expertise of each organisation and individuals within organisation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Accounts
  • Rates

What would a CoTech PQQ look like?

What do we need to improve the sales process for CoTech?

  • Have a collective understanding of the process
  • Clarify who gets involved when, and how they get involved
  • We decided to map this
  • Quick and reliable responses to enquiries

We suggest rotating responsibility between CoTech members to manage enquiries.

  • This would require clear and effective handover. Benefits would be better client service and deeper understanding of how CoTech works across CoTech members

Dedicate resources to the business development process

  • Understand which CoTech orgs have capacity/motivation to contribute to business development
  • Outline what a ‘Network Coordinator’ role would be
  • Define how much is required to support rotating ‘chair’

Quick and reliable responses to enquiries

  • We suggest rotating responsibility between CoTech members to manage enquiries. This would require clear and effective handover. Benefits would be better client service and deeper understanding of how CoTech works across CoTech members

What are the priorities?

  • Map the process
  • Gather key information - eg. case studies and basic info on skills from CoTech orgs
  • Job description for the network coordinator
  • Roles and responsibilities for rotating ‘chair’ and handover process/information
  • Understanding of the cost of business development
  • Resources for introducing new groups to CoTech

Roles of the enquiries ‘Chair’

  • Work with the Network Co-ordination
  • Monitor incoming enquiries
    • Referrals from other coops
    • Emails to coops on duty
  • Evaluate enquiry based eligibility criteria*
    • Opportunity to gather info from potential clients – Budget, timescales, tech & brief
  • Feasible Lead? Yes > Record into CRM. No > ‘Thanks but no thanks’
  • Contact relevant coops that will take this lead forward & handover
  • Triage open tender
  • Unknown: How to identify coops
  • Understand SKILLS within CoTech

Enquiries Guidance (non-sales)

Guidance Notes for Co-Tech Rota Email Enquiry Handler (‘Chair’)

DRAFT 1 / Louise & Felix

Enquiries about …

1.    Joining Co-tech

"We’re a digital co-op in the north of England, can we join?"

"Who decides if I can join?"


·     Yes! Join us!

·     Members will approve

·     Post info up to Loomio and invite a vote

·     If there is anything is borderline, present the facts clearly for members

·     Then when member, sign up to Slack, Loomio, Wiki, Discourse [{https://wiki.coops.tech/wiki/Infrastructure_and_Communication]]

"We’re a digital co-op in Denmark, can we join?"

·     No. Co-Tech is only for UK coops

·     Signpost to ICA

·     Post up on Loomio to check if anyone knows local networks / contacts for them they can pass on.

2.    Setting up a Co-op

"We are a group of three devs who want to set up our new business as a co-op"


·     Call and chat to them and find out more: what, where, size, area of business etc

·     Find out how they found out about Co-Tech

·     Tell them a bit more about Co-Tech

·     Encourage them to join Co-Tech when they set up

·     Refer to uk.coop/thehive

·     Link them up with other local Co-Tech members

·     Invite to next Co-tech meeting

·     Ask them to keep in touch

3.    Joining / working with a tech co-op

"I have recently left my job in the tech team in a bank because I am desperate to put my skills into something more worthwhile – are there any jobs available in Co-Tech?"


·     Ask how they found out about Co-Tech

·     Suggest they find companies most suited on website and approach individually

·     Suggest they go onto the forum and post their CV

4.    Researching co-ops

"I am doing a PhD about co-ops and would like to get some placements with co-ops, can Co-Tech help me with this?"


·     Invite to post message into Forum to all members about research and what you are looking for – for response by all members

Ideas/ Questions - Should there be a page which invites researchers to post useful articles or pieces of interest on co-ops of relevance to Co-Tech which both co-tech members and researchers could refer to?

5.    Giving a presentation about Co-Tech

"We’ve heard about Co-Tech, sounds like you guys are really inspiring, could you come and do a talk about the network at our international software conference?"


·     Find out all the details: what’s the event / where? Is it a good fit with Co-Tech? Who is taking part? Is it paid?

·     Post onto Loomio under Events thread – all details, any issues - put it out to members???

·     Refer to list of volunteer speakers (yet to be compiled, a call to be put out)

6.    Telling Co-Tech members about our exciting new services / products / event

"We have developed an amazing new platform / product / service which will be of real interest to your members, how can we share our good news with everyone in Co-Tech? We are not a co-op".


·     Get more info if it’s possibly relevant to any members and explore the fit with Co-Tech values and member interests

·     Post on Loomio ???

Enquiries rota


The url above shows the quarterly changes of staffing from member coops briefed above to manage enquiries to CoTech.