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This is a page to document what self-hosted systems co-ops are using, would like to use, non-self hosted systems they would like to find alternatives for and systems they are hosting for others. See also the notes from the collaborative tech tools for co operatives session at Wortley Hall in 2016 and the thread on the Discourse forum.



  • Sandstorm - "Etherpad, Ethercalc, Rocketchat, Davros, MediaWiki WeKan, Radikal, Piwik. Great platform. Lightweight and with a focus on security. Apps can be a bit outdated but are still secure due to sandboxing security model. Users can throw up apps as they need them without an admin. Self hosted."
  • Mumble - "Voice chat server. Little fiddly to configure but provides the most stable and high quality voice chat we have tried as long as you use headphones with a mic. Has mobile apps. Self hosted."
  • Pass - "Password management. We have a nifty repo based pass setup that hopefully we have time to document someday."
  • Gitlab - "Git hosting, Pipeline/CI, Service desk, Task management. Better than Github IMO. We currently use but would like to move to when possible."


  • GitLab — code repo, wick, tickets, CI

We Are Open

Apps, etc. that we'd like to explore:

  • Etherpad — currently using TitanPad but it's shutting down
  • Rocket.Chat — currently using Slack to run community and members-only chat
  • Wekan — currently using Trello to organise incoming, current, and invoiced work


  • Mailman — email lists
  • Mediawiki — wikis with the Parsoid VisualEditor
  • InvoicePlane — invoicing
  • Munin — server monitoring
  • Iceinga— server monitoring
  • RT — ticketing
  • GitLab — GitLab CE at for git repos, issues and wikis
  • Mailcow — at for email
  • Nextcloud — shared calendars, shared contacts, shared documents and document editing