Wortley Hall 2017/Supporting a Tech Co-op Startup

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This group worked on how CoTech could best respond to the many requests for help starting a tech co-op.

Overview of Session by Bryan Mathers


  1. Why? What are the different motivations for wanting to start a Co-op
  2. Who? What audiences could/should we address?
See Co-op Learning

What Journeys did existing CoTech members go through when they started up

  • Rather than plunging co-op hopefuls straight into the complexities of setting up a co-op, start with stories of what existing co-ops went through when they started. The stories are grouped by type so that the most relevant journeys can be looked at first. The journeys are linked to the eventual articles of association and member agreements that emerged to act as starting points for new co-ops to kick off from.

Starting a Tech Coop

More details on the tech co-op start up process with links to further resources. For tech co-ops this broadly fallls into two areas:

  1. What’s kind of co-op?
  2. Your Co-op business model, informed by the Lean Startup approach.