What is a coop 2016

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Text copied from the Hackpad.

What is a coop?

Facilitated by Sion Whellens (Calverts, Principle Six) and Constance Laisne (Altgen)

Explanation and discussion of the definition of a coop using the ICA 1995 statement on coop identity (top level definition, values and seven principles) as a framework:

Further explanation and discussion of workers coops in the context of other types of coops (consumer, producer, housing, credit unions etc)

Particular focus on the coop concept of membership, in relation to the democratic principle, the open and voluntary nature of cooperativisim and cooperative capital.

Discussion around the meaning of the coop education principle, or as they say in Spain 'formacion': that the purpose of coops is to create or 'form' cooperators through the development of peoples' capacity to collaborate, act as equals in solidarity, be able to participate in the governance and culture of the enterprise.

Discussion of the link between cooperatives as a technology to meet immediate needs, and aspirations for a different society: the everyday and the utopian - e.g. 1st Rochdale object: to open a shop for the sale of food, household goods > 5th object: to proceed to arrange the powers of production, distribution, education and government:

Q&A on the concept of coop incorporation and limited liability as hacks on capitalist legal forms; different types of cooperative capital and financing; common ownership vs co-ownership; the relation of coops to the commons movement and the goal of a cooperative commonwealth.