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  1. Check in
  1. Agree who is taking notes for the call
  1. Notes and action points from the last meeting Circle Call 2020-08-29
  1. What are folks up to?
  1. CoTech Gathering 2020: update
  1. Feedback on Taxonomy script
  1. October Newsletter
  1. Good Praxis project
  1. Date of next call
  1. Check out

Notes / minutes

Who's here:

   Catlin (Good Praxis)

   Maciek (Good Praxis)

   Nick (Co-op Web)

   Szczepan (Animorph)

   Chris (Webarchitects)

   Calum (Code Operative)

   Ken (Code Operative)

   Finn (Agile Collective)

Check in - (non minuted)

Actions from last call:

   John - Create link on cotech to the hubl sign up page: https://hubl.coops.tech/ - DONE

  • Polly - create thread on cotech to get html written for new cotech website designs
  • John - ask Leo about putting his contact details out there

We're not sure if these were done, as those people are not on the call.

Actions for this call:

   Szczepan: start a thread for an online gathering next year

5. CoTech Gathering 2020: update

Can we do something? Probaly not in person. Can we do something online?

Szczepan: can we do something online? Maybe in the new year?

Calum: I'd be keen to try to make something happen.

Finn: starting with something smaller, ask for ideas

Maciek: what kind of stuff would we be doing?

Action point: Szczepan to set up a thread on CoTech forum and see if we can collect ideas for organising it next year.

4. What have we been up to?

Szczepan - gamifying cyber security as a training / learning system. Working with WebArchitects on the server side. Also a rehabhilitation app for people aftetr a stroke. Too much work, otherwise great.

Maciek - mostly client work for (Hasbro?) and Princes Trust. ADmin and backend panel for a game to teach entrepreneurship. Lockown has slowed this to some extent. We've got an idea for an open source game, open source and co-operativism... might be starteing a kick-starter project for it.

Calum - Startin'blox. A collection of tools ot build interoperable apps, standards based and linked data. For example, asychronouds notifications betewwn servers... fun and challengin!

Nick - most of my time at the moment is working with Co-ops UK, with Agile Collective, Web Architects, Dot Project. Great to be collaborating. Also workingwith the ICA (International Co-operative Alliance) who are also interested in scaling up for bigger projects (enter CoTech!). Currently going for ISO 27001 - intersted in anyone who has done this or anyone who has a Data Protection Officer as we need one who is not employed by us.

Chris - mostly Ansible. Ansible, Ansible, Ansible... working 1 day per week with Agile Collective as well as full time at Webarchitects. If anyone needs any Asnible work - I actually enjoy working with Ansible!

Ken - Code Operartive working on a website to provide hopsice for those who neede it...

Catlin -just started at Good Praxis, bringin existing freelance clients in. MadFest - startup and tech discrupter festival. Another client that is under NDA.All about reacting to the current situation. Taking hopinh to take on a new client, The Drum. Also working with LRDP (Lincolnshire Refugee Doctor Project).Techish - free digital upskilling for Islingon residents. Current project quitre timeboxed but looking at how to expand this to other councils.

5. Co-tech Gathering

We will discuss on forum about what we could do for it.

6. Feedback on Taxonomy script:


Szczepan is explaining Hubble (federated platform). Frontend implementation of Starting Blocks. Allows you to setup a profile as a worker with certain skills. It has a chat platform associated with it.

Happy Devs (co-op of freelance devs in France) set it up.

The idea is to adopt it as not just freelancers but also as people from particular co-ops, so that sharing of jobs is more inclusive and faster.

Next week we will start onboarding people.

Maybe this is a way to bring all our communication channels together.

Hubble is written in Django.

Calum: The idea is to use the script to do a few calls and get more information.


If anyone else wants to get incolved, do reach out to Szczepan or Callum to join the working group.


Szczepan mentions a spreadsheet which is in the markdown document, with contacts. Password was shared on chat. It would be good to update contact details.

Minutes from a recent call with Happy Dev & FACTTIC re Hubl adoption: https://office.coops.tech/s/4soRzgR8ci2mZSj

7. October Newsletter

Callum calling out to get help with teh Newsletter, anyone know any students or aspiring writers who might want to help? Aspiring journalists?

Catlin: Has contacts with Writers Rebel, the writing arm of Extinction Rebelion. She will reach out to them to explore possible help.

If anyone has suggestions for structure of the newsletter, get in touch with Callum.

Previous newsletters: https://community.coops.tech/c/newsletter/16

Catlin: What platform is it going out on?

Callum: Just on https://community.coops.tech/at present. We might want to look at other otions in the future.

Catlin: I've got a background in marketing and interested in helping in t he future when less busy.

8. Good Praxis project

Floating the idea of a co-operative collaborative project.

The events industry has been hit hard. Around the world everyone has been scrambling to produce online replacements for events, mostly not very well (mishmash of Zoomn, EventBrite, etc.. )

From my experience, what's needed is a more fully integrated solution and there's a gap in the market right now.

This would require more resources than we have and would need collaboration to make something happen. It would be a large scale project that would need resources from lots of us. Funding: possibly find a client who wants something.

We do have good relationships with existing clients that could be in a position to fund this.

Calum: how many devs, what skills ?

Maciek: we need to run a scoping session to assess. Probably Python, other open source tools, maybe a team of 6 devs or so. Lots of questions about scale and infrastucture.

Incubating Platform Co-ops with Mondragon & New School this autumn: https://www.mondragon.edu/cursos/en/topics/strategy-entrepreneurship-and-innovation/platforms-cooperatives-now

Chris: can only see it being viable with a lot of money.

Catlin: there are a few options and connections with clients that do have lots of money.

9 Date of next call


10 Check out