Spring Break 2021/Planning physical summer gathering

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Session context

  • STAFFORD BEER ROOM 15:00–16:00 BST
  • Facilitators: Sion Whellens (Calverts)

The next Worker Co-op Weekend 1 is Fri 23- Sun 25 July at Selgars Mill in North Devon, Stir to Action’s new residential training and events centre. The previous day, Thursday 22 July, has the potential for one or more pre-events, including a Solidfund strategy forum and potentially a CoTech gathering. Sion has checked out the venue. This discussion is to consider whether it’s something you’d like to consider, or to look at alternatives.


Sion (Calverts), Polly (Outlandish), Ieva (Blake House), Hannah (Animorph), Szczepan (Animorph), Chris (Webarchitects), Tim (Digital Content Reach), Chris (Go Free Range), Lucy (InFact), Geoff (Animorph)

Before Worker Co-op Weekend

Worker Co-op Council decided to book a venue for face-to-face worker co-op weekend (Discourse thread), 23-25th July in Selgars Mill set up by Stir to Action

A day before the official gathering begins (Thursday the 22nd) there are plans to run a worker solidarity meeting (Solid Fund). Young Co-operators Forum also considers using the space that day. This means CoTech could come to Selgars Mill on Thursday and have a full day of gathering on Friday before the main event kicks off.

It would be grand to organise this event as a wider worker co-op event connecting different parts of worker co-op movement.

Facilities, location, costs

Selgars Mill has lots of facilities - a large main building and a cottage right next to it. It also has an event barn with space for up to 100 people. It's a versatile space, with space to sleep over 70-80 people and tons of camping area.

It's close to Tiverton Parkway train station. It's possible to drop off the kids at a nursery nearby! It is the first week of summer school holiday.

The whole Mill area can be rented for £1.5k a day. This does not cover the catering. We might be cooking for ourselves. The company running Selgars Mill is a worker co-op.

Organising considerations

We could try to combine the events and ask Solid Fund to make blended events. Would people need to buy separate tickets or would they buy just one? It should be possible for people to book tickets on per-day basis. In the past you could do it via a form on Co-ops UK website, with camping option being much more affordable. We would need to speak to Co-ops UK, say we want to do it - would they handle blended booking? If so, Friday could be split across CoTech, Solid Fund and Young Co-operators communities. Then people could stay for the rest of the weekend and take part in the Worker Co-op weekend if they fancy.

We would need to think about catering, at least self-cater until Friday evening. Upon arrival on Thursday we could just go to a pub?

Is there a risk some CoTech-specific discussions can be derailed by non-techies? We can play by ear.

Should we consider whether we can work on Friday until late? The main worker co-op event could force us out of the rooms (where people might potentially still be working).

We can't tell how many people are interested in attending. When Co-ops UK would need to know something definite? If we don't get enough people booking we would need to underwrite £1.5k.

Proposal & Next Steps

To organise next CoTech gathering on the 22-23rd of July in Selgars Mill.

It should be feasible to arrive Thursday afternoon. We would need to book one extra day.

We need to run it through CoTech members. First check how many people are interested to check whether it's feasible - need 20 people from CoTech, SolidFund and Young Co-operators Network. Let's run the poll on Discourse thread.

  • Sion will clarify with Selgars Mill whether we can do it and check with Co-ops UK about the form.
  • Lucy will put the poll on CoTech Forum.
  • Polly to rally people!

Costs-wise - If less than 20 people express interest in attending the gathering we could put a proposal to CoTech Fund for underwriting the ticket sales for up to £1.5k (Selgars Mill fee for the whole place).