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This is one of the pages on this wiki which came out of the Wortley Hall 2017
Co-operative Technologists Second Annual Gathering at Wortley Hall, 27-29 November 2017.

The group consisted of: Alan Jackson (Aptivate), Tom Daley (Aptivate), Simon Whitehouse (Data Unlocked), Chris Booth (Graphics Coop), Maria (Agile Collective), Fabian Tompsett (Digital Liberties)


The group discussed how Learning From One Another fell within both Principle 5: Education, Training, and Information and Principle 6: Cooperation Among Cooperatives.

The first question was

How could skill sharing happen?

  • Shared documents
  • Create a knowledge base
  • Co-working
  • Solid Fund might fund learning activities
  • Regular physical meet-ups
  • Pairing and remote pairing
  • Meet-up about a subject
  • Sit in each others' offices
  • Monthly digital drop-in
  • Providing training to each other
  • Knowledge sharing ... Q&A forum

This was followed by

What do people want to learn?

  • Tech skills
  • Agile contracting
  • Project management
  • Project team shape
  • Charging - how do you do it?
  • Pay structures, appraisals
  • Machine learning

There were a few Post-It notes filled in that didn't fall within either category. They are listed below.


  • Duty of care
  • Why would someone build my tech skills?
  • Where is everyone? (map)

Finally, we suggested activities that we might undertake to get things going.


  • Write this session up on the wiki (done!)
  • Hold first skill sharing event planning meeting (done!)
  • Set date for first co-ordination meeting
  • Set date for first meet-up
  • Set up team - create mailing list


Skill Sharing Noticeboard

See the Skill Sharing Noticeboard

The group discussed how coops could share the skills they have with other coops in the network. Based on this a Skill Sharing Noticeboard was created at Wortley Hall 2017. It had two aims in mind:

  1. To gauge the interest in skills sharing amongst the people attending the event
  2. To see if any themes emerged

Altogether 7 people offered to share skills and 5 people would like to learn skills.

Skill Sharing Event

The First Skill Sharing Event has been decided. The details are:

Date Thursday, 18th January
Time 3pm to 6pm
Location Space4.Tech
Subject Project Management

The agenda to be published closer to the time.