Skill Sharing 2016

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Text copied from the Hackpad.

Skillsharing and mutual support between co-ops

  • Facilitator: Ellie
  • Minutes: Tanc


  • People exchange scheme
  • Dissemination to wider orgs/people
  • More regular local gatherings (smaller)
  • National gatherings (larger)
  • Cobudgeting (understanding/equalising costs)
  • Digital plaform
    • Tech skills needed/offered
    • Co-op/business skills
    • Tech skills needed/offered
    • Opportunities/needs - selling work
    • Tools we use
    • In kind support on offer
    • Office space
    • Contact details
    • Up for
  • Shout outs about meetups (e.g. come to an AI event with me)


  • Clear mission and vision statement so we can include people
  • Small groups and trust

Practical outcomes

People exchange scheme

  • Anyone in the network. Whatever level of involvment people want to have.
  • A need that someone has or an organisation has
  • Time and cost involved. Co-op budgeting could help fund exchanges between co-ops
  • Decision making structures. An agreement between participating co-ops
  • Ad hoc on project level but maybe megazord level
  • Social contract so you know what the expectations are.

Local meetups

  • A network of cells that has to be organised geographically
  • Bi-monthly meetings (quarterly not enough, monthly too frequent)
  • Founding member in each cell - rotates
  • Not just about work, also about fun
  • Need mentor/champ to help co-ordinate local groups
  • Have a steering group to advise
  • Clear on outcomes, aims and benefits

Digital platform

  • A platform to connect people based on people's needs and what people have to offer
  • Call out at Megazord for info to share (Google speadsheet or survey)
  • First version to be simple and quick
  • Profiles for co-ops and individual members
  • Start simple and see what happens
  • It could go stale so good to get involved with Principle 6 and meetups and try to keep it updated. Need to make sure people use it
  • Early version no need for decision making body - ask for volunteers - just do it

Questions or points

  • The digital platform sounds interesting but I'm concerned about the staleness of information
  • What is the connection between here (Megazord) and the local meetups? How do we make sure they are kept alive? Thats why we need the champion from the big meetings
  • People exchange sounds interesting but I'm concerned it might be hard for smaller co-ops. How do we support people geographically far away from each other?
  • The network has principles and connections and you can have interactions between any co-op and I like that