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List of Climate Actions

We had a short discussion to make a practical list of things people and co-ops can do to help prevent climate emergency.

Present: Nick, Michal, Max, Naomi. then some comments added by Dot

projects / clients / external

  • assess and favour environmental impacts when investigating business leads
  • opportunity - bid to organisations that have set ambitious emissions reductions targets, eg councils that have declared a climate emergency
  • add environmental impact into proposals early in the process (and possible options)
  • use sustainable design principles at early stage of software and service development
  • proactively initiate projects that address climate emergency (not just doing client work)
  • find funding opportunities for green initiatives
  • make/publicise a more explicit comparison between tech coops and the immoral Big Tech world
  • support efforts to communicate climate emergency widely - use technical platforms

supply chain / internal

  • use environmentally aware service providers where possible , eg green cloud not coal-powered cloud, AWS
  • supply chain - review and replace with more environmental and ethical alternatives where possible
  • optimise replacement/refresh rate for equipment; use refurbs
  • disposals - ensure reuse of components where possible
  • if using hosting, consider datacentre efficiency and use of renewable power
  • monitor carbon emissions / conduct environment audits of ourselves
  • integrate environmental impact into decision making processes


  • cut down on single use plastics
  • move website to renewable hosting
  • green travel choices / cycling where possible
  • install showers in the office so people can cycle in
  • install a proper kitchen to people can cook and share
  • consider getting a vegbox for the office
  • encourage people to bring food into the office to cook
  • support Restart - repair and reuse of tech

finally .. idea for product/service ?

  • develop a network-based energy management tool for monitoring IT infrastructure energy use
  • there is market demand for this from organisations of all sizes and energy management companies, and no-one providing this technology