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The proposed website has a Our Manifesto page with the following text on it, can we improve this before the launch of the site? If you can please edit it and leave a note on the Loomio thread saying what you changed and why.

We believe in a fairer world in which wealth and resources are distributed to the people who need them rather than those best able to take them.

As Co-operative Technologists we aim to ensure that technology plays its part in creating a fairer world.

Our individual workers co-operatives have shown that workers who collectively own their companies and control their destinies make better workplaces, better suppliers and better digital products.

We call upon tech workers who share our vision to join us.

We call upon consumers of digital products - including trades unions, charities, governments and private companies - to reject the (false) assumption that only multinational conglomerates or private equity-funded startups can be great tech companies. Technology is the lifeblood of our all our futures, not just a gravy train for the (fortunate) few.

We hereby give notice to technology companies that do not treat their employees fairly, do not give their workers control of their businesses and do not seek to create a fairer world that your days are numbered. We are more creative, more committed and more resilient. Join us.

Pages to be agreed before the launch on 16th February 2017: