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CoTech is seeking a talented, pro-active and socially-engaged freelance network coordinator. This brand new role represents the first time that CoTech has taken on a dedicated member of staff. We are seeking someone with prior experience in developing a network of businesses or organisations, developing partnerships and funding, generating income in creative ways, and public engagement.

You will be responsible for helping the CoTech network deliver more value to its members, and become better networked. We hope that after 6 months this role will allow CoTech to generate more revenue and we can find a way to extend the role.

We especially encourage applications from groups that are underrepresented throughout the technology industry i.e. women, disabled people and people of colour, since a team that can bring different perspectives, ideas and thoughts together will effectively deliver awesome work.

  • Location: Remote
  • Rate: £225/day. Paid monthly in arrears on a time and materials basis.
  • Days: Total of 1 day per week, 7.5 hours per day
  • Hours: May fluctuate depending on events
  • Start date: Mid-late March
  • Contract type: Six months, with a view to working with us on a longer term basis.
  • Budget: You will have access to a budget of up to £100 per month to spend on associated costs of the role
  • Deadline: 27th February

Goals of the role

  • Improve and amplify the internal communication between co-ops in the network
  • To represent CoTech externally and improve how CoTech communicates

Key activities & responsibilities

The successful candidate will have autonomy to shape the activities in a way which they believe will most effectively achieve the stated goals. However, we envision responsibilities to include some or all of the following:

Internal coordination: 60%

  • Develop relationships with all active members of the network in order to understand their needs, capacities, and motivations for being part of CoTech
  • Initiate more opportunities for network members to share skills, resources and work opportunities
  • Compile and send newsletters to members of the network so that they are better informed of each others activities
  • Develop and test ideas for growing the return that CoTech membership creates for its members

External Coordination: 40%

  • Improve outward-facing communication channels, such as our website, social media, and visual assets.
  • Identify and target clients and partners to commission and/or fund CoTech services.
  • Attend and/or deliver events to raise awareness of CoTech to potential members, clients and partners.
  • Apply for funding to continue and improve on this role.
  • Develop a business development or sales strategy.


  • You will be expected to set goals and outcomes for your work, and report back to CoTech partners on your activities and outputs.
  • You will need to track your expenses and request more budget if needed.
  • Identify ways to make this role a long-term position.

Skills, experience and knowledge that we’re looking for

  • Experience of working as part of a network of businesses or organisations in order to identify potential areas of collaboration
  • Confidence in public speaking
  • Experience of developing sustainable partnerships
  • Experience of undertaking marketing and communications and some design skills
  • Understanding of co-ops, ideally worker co-ops
  • An interest in tech-for-good and digital activism
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience of successfully applying to grants and foundations
  • A collaborative approach to your work
  • Proactively asking questions when you are unsure/don’t know how to do something.

About CoTech

CoTech is a network of ethical co-operatives providing technology, digital and creative services. The network was established in 2016, and currently has 45 member co-ops, representing more than 200 workers.

The benefits of CoTech for its members broadly fall within 4 themes:

  1. Collaboration on client work. By referring each other for work, and pitching for and working on client projects together, members are able to deliver a wider range of specialisms to their clients and take on bigger projects
  2. CoBudgeting. By paying a small monthly fee into a shared fund, we collectively pay for infrastructure, events and some shared projects.
  3. Skill-sharing amongst co-ops, as part of events, workshops, or secondments allows us to deliver better work and have more robust companies and skilled workers.
  4. Outreach to new potential partners and co-ops allows us to enjoy the benefits of working alongside an ever-widening network.

We have existed until now as an informal network. Some members of CoTech contribute £1 per member per week. Those members vote on how that fund is spent (usually on infrastructure costs, events, marketing). The funding for the pilot of this role will be drawn from this fund. We are in ongoing discussions about incorporating CoTech.

How you will be supported in this role

You will need to work independently for a large part of this role.

A small group of people from the CoTech network will be on hand to bring you up to speed on the history of the network, and access all relevant work and resources that we have developed to date, as well as introduce you to relevant people within the network and from our wider group of stakeholders.

CoTech co-ops are based all over the UK, so depending on your location it may be possible for you to work from the offices of one of the co-ops. You will also have access to our work, training and events space in London, SPACE4.

To apply

Send us an email by 27th February responding to the following questions, with a recent CV attached.

  • What are the top 2 or 3 things that motivate you to apply for this role?
  • Share up to three specific and unique skills, perspectives, experiences and/or knowledge you can bring which you think would be beneficial to the role.
  • From what you know about our network, where do you think you could or would like to take it in 6 months?