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Go Free Range logo.png

Chris Roos
James Mead
Chris Lowis

Location: London

Email: lets@gofreerange.com

Main contact person: Chris Roos, Chris Lowis, or James Mead

Website: http://gofreerange.com/

Social media links: https://twitter.com/freerange

Main business: Software development

Main clients: GDS, FutureLearn

Skills, business skills and tech skills: Ruby, Rails, iterative software development, product/project management

Products: Mocha

Sector: Historically we've worked in the public & commercial sectors, but would consider working in the third sector.

Ethical considerations/restrictions: All members have a veto on whether or not to take on a project.

Specific expertise: Ruby

Spare space?: Unfortunately not. We're currently office-less!

Interested in placements and/or people swaps?: We're open to the idea.