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  • Location: Keighley, West Yorkshire.
  • Email: admin@fairmondo.uk
  • Phone number: Jack Thorp - 07578708442
  • Main contact person: Jack
  • Website: https://fairmondo.uk/
  • Social media links: Facebook, Twitter
  • Main business: Ethical online marketplace
  • Main clients: Ethical traders, producers, consumers, sellers
  • Skills, business skills and tech skills: Lean start-up development, project management.
  • Products: Fairmondo marketplace platform (Only live in Germany, for now!)
  • Sector (e.g. public sector, third sector/charities, commercial): Commercial, 'third' and cooperative sectors.
  • Ethical considerations/restrictions: Platform aims to make it really easy to meet needs in the most ethical ways possible by facilitating trade around values - not just 'value'. Looking to build an alternative marketplace platform with all those commited to ethical consumption and a different way of doing business. Regenerative circular economies not extractive linear supply chains.
  • Specific expertise (e.g. NodeJS, Print): Start-up entrepreneurship
  • Interests: e-Commerce, Ruby on Rails, collaborative marketing, crowdfunding & start up finance, digital/online governance, distributed web technologies (IPFS, blockchain, Ethereum, Solid etc), building online communities
  • Spare space? For example office space that another co-op can use: Currently very scarce on assets. Very eager to offer and share space in Keighley/Bradford if we ever get an office.
  • Interested in placements and / or people swaps?: Yes, unfortunately only member currently available for placement/swap is Jack (junior software developer).
  • Anything else you think is relevant (e.g. logo, photos of individuals): ???