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Forthcoming Events

CoTech MeetUp: Building Co-Operative Communities

Wednesday March 21st 6.30-9pm

Location: Space4

149 Fonthill Road
1st Floor
London, N4 3HF


Previous events


See Bill's paper: Growing the Co-operative Economy


Wortley Hall 2017

See the Wortley Hall 2017 and Wortley Hall Agenda 2017 for details of the work carried out at the second CoTech conference at Wortley Hall in Novemeber 2017.

CoTech Camp July 2017

See the Loomio thread and CoTech Community discussion thread.


Wortley Hall 2016

See the Wortley Hall 2016 page for the notes and links from the first CoTech annual gathering at Wortley Hall.

Notes from Meetings

Notes from face to face Meetings at various events.