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  • Name dtc innovation
  • Locations London (UK), Paris (France), Bordeaux (France) and Montréal (Canada–from September 2017)
  • Email contact(a)dtc-innovation(dot)org
  • Phone number +447 455 921 569
  • Main contact person Thomas Parisot
  • Website dtc-innovation.org
  • Social media links github.com/dtc-innovation
  • Main business designing technology for the Commons
  • Main clients BBC, etalab.gouv.fr, gironde.fr (french regional council)
  • Skills, business skills and tech skills web development (systems, architecture, backend, frontend, automation), rapid prototyping, computer sciences, service design, publishing, open source, open data, technical and user documentation, user research, workshops, trainings, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environments.
  • Members
  • Products Node.js Book (in French)
  • Sector public services, open source and open data initiatives, charities
  • Ethical considerations/restrictions we love working in the open and helping opening things up
  • Specific expertise Node.js, JavaScript, web technologies, R&D, agile project management
  • Interests education, open governance, transparency, agriculture,
  • Spare space N/A
  • Interested in placements and / or people swaps? yes for both—we often onboard designers in our projects and are open to provide technical and co-operation expertise
  • Anything else you think is relevant