CoTech Hack 2018/Skills mapping

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Skills mapping activity

Day 1

We talked a lot.

Day 2

It didn't look feasible to integrate with HappyDev's site at present, as it didn't give us the detail that we thought was relevant, at this stage, and we weren't up to coding the details here and now. Maybe it will later; and maybe the work here will contribute to their development.

We finally came to an agreement about what would be most helpful in terms of a prototype spreadsheet documenting individuals' skills across CoTech. It was recognised that this contains personal information, therefore we needed to be clear about its use. It is for use internally within CoTech, but not for sharing outside CoTech in any form. Thus we can't have open read access as a Google Sheet. Please ask Simon Grant of Cetis LLP or Rory Scott of open data services for access.

The initial aim is to have one person in each CoTech co-op asking their colleagues to fill in the sheet.