CoTech Coordinator Working Group/ Meeting Notes/ 8th of October 2021

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- Pick a way of working (i.e. a task board etc)

- Identify tasks

- Establish some milestones


Way of working

  • Options
    • Trello?
    • GitLab?
  • We need to think about accessibility
  • Can the majority of people get onto GitLab
  • This is mostly an internal thing
  • So not thinking this is the main way people see progress etc
  • Fair enough,
  • Deadline is March or April 2022
  • Put all the tasks onto GitLab -
  • Now what is the most important priority
  • The roadmap - as this will generate some more tasks and other stuff
  • So important to get right
  • Okay let's talk to this a bit more to this task
  • Moved stuff to do before next week (for approximately an hours effort, plus this check in meeting) to Up Next and assigned
  • We established a weekly cadence of meetings on Friday at midday for half an hour