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The following is a draft proposal. If any section concerns you or you would like to add anything, please contact someone in this thread on the forum:

Draft Text of the Proposal

  1. Cotech will advertise that we are looking to hire a Coordinator on a contract-to-hire basis.
  2. A Coordinator Management Circle will be created to interview candidates and make a recommendation to the General Circle
  3. If the General Circle approves, the candidate will be hired as the Cotech Coordinator on a 6-month basis with the option to extend for another 6 months
  4. After a year, the contract can be extended permanently
  5. The Coordinator Management Circle will meet regularly to discuss progress on objectives agreed by the circle and the coordinator
  6. CMC provides recommendations but General Circle makes final decision on extension of contracts

Role Description

There are a lot of activities a coordinator could do for Cotech. In general there's a balance between outward facing activities to generate income for Cotech and member coops, and inward facing activities that builds cohesion within and between the member coops.

By necessity, the role has a lot of autonomy and also has to react to the opportunities available at the time. The objectives outlined at the start of the contract might have changed by the end, so what we need are a good enough set of objectives that we can begin with and then adjust them from there.

Simple idea could be that the coordinator spends 2 days a week getting contracts, and 1.5 days increasing member revenue and 1.5 days on group cohesion, assuming a 5 day week.

How much do we pay the role?

We've had suggestions from £35,000/year to £65,000/year as the salary for the role.

We've also had suggestion that there could be a base-rate of pay plus a share of commission on contracts brought in.


  • Every 6 weeks the coordinator should travel to visit a different coop or cluster of coops
  • Hire 2 part time coordinators, one for business development one and one for cohesion.
    • With 2 coordinators, one could be based in London and one further North.