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An instance of CoBudget, an open-source tool developed by Enspiral, has been set up at

This is to cover mainly one-time costs, e.g.:

  • The bar tab at Wortley Hall;
  • A package of improvements for the CoTech website;
  • Hiring a network coordinator for three months.

But could also cover running costs, e.g.:

  • Hosting the CoTech website for a year.

We will use CoBudget according to the rules set out in the proposal here:

  • Each co-op has one shared user on the CoBudget platform.
  • Projects can be proposed by any co-op, even if they are unable to contribute funds.
  • Proposals have a kickstarter model of funding, so happen if they are fully funded and do not happen otherwise.
  • Proposals can be blocked by two vetoes. The number "two" was chosen because if a co-op has a good reason for their veto, they should be able to convince another co-op to join them (in vetoing the proposal).
  • Proposals must state how they would benefit CoTech and should be collaborative when possible.
  • Proposals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time bound).
  • There is no central account or escrow – money is paid directly to the beneficiaries.
  • Proposals specify when payment should be made (e.g. before work begins, on completion of work, in stages, etc).
  • In case of conflict: parties should agree on a third party mediator. If no third party can be agreed upon, then the CoTech network must propose and choose this mediator.
  • We will use an open-source crowdfunding platform.

Find the site at