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This is one of the pages on this wiki which came out of the Wortley Hall 2017
Co-operative Technologists Second Annual Gathering at Wortley Hall, 27-29 November 2017.

The Who, the Why

The Why, the Who.JPG

The Why

  • Of course we're a co-op (value driven organisation)
  • I want to do it with other people
  • I've got a need looking for a solution
  • I need something more stable
  • This isn't working I need more control
  • I'm fighting against the thing I am working for (friction)
  • I want to be part of a good business (fulfilment)
  • I want solidarity not charity
  • That Makes sense

The Who

  • People in precarious work
  • Politically engaged
  • Worker with some experience
  • Unemployed people
  • Parents and carers
  • Undocumented people
  • People with time on their hands
  • Young people/Kids

The How

  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • industry experience
  • Edu(Short-term-project)Work

Perceptions to overcome

  • I don't have time for that
  • Nice idea but . . .
  • Consensus doesn't work . . .— or is sl..o...w
  • Utopian (unrealistic)
  • Not good business