16-Feb-2017 Goldsmiths

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Great to see everyone on Thursday/Friday at Opencoop.

In case you weren't there we had an impromptu meeting outside Goldsmiths on Friday lunchtime. Here are some rough notes about what we discussed (probably not in the order they came up):

  • Organise a conversation about each co-op's business model and other stuff (like how we organise, sell, market etc). We can start with a survey, but we also discussed meeting face to face and/or using Hangouts (on Air) or Appear.In.
  • This could be/become a monthly show-and-tell by each co-op.
  • Who are the people we can quickly get to join Co-Tech (ie those who are already nearly in but not quite - 'low hanging fruit'). Harry had some ideas who these were.
  • Organise a trip to Glasgow to talk with more potential members in Scotland - Louise
  • Talk about some more publicity eg a CoTech article in Stir (I asked Jonny and Max at Stir about this, they are doing a digital issue in July or November. They might be looking for a guest editor? And perhaps someone could write something in the meantime to place there or elsewhere?)
  • Write a blog about the cobudgeted beer tab? Somebody said they might do this: was it Chris Roos?
  • Share the logo and other collateral (via the wiki?) - Mateus (See Logos)
  • Update the new website to show some of the collaborations that are already underway, should we have a news section? Outlandish/Glowbox?
  • There was also talk of adding a skills section to the website - showing individuals, their profiles and the skills they have (could be public or private?). To allow people to get to know each other better, speed up working together.
  • There was some curiosity about how Outlandish organises/does Sociocracy - has the first Podcast been published, Alex? - Yes, shared on Slack.
  • The idea was also floated of exchanges between coops (ie where someone goes and spends a few days at another co-op) and Sion suggested Solidfund might be able to fund some of this - http://solidfund.coop/

Probably other stuff - what did I forget?

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