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Sheffield 2019

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The Spring Gathering 2019 of CoTech
==The Spring Gathering 2019 of [ CoTech]==
'''The Spring Gathering 2019 of [ CoTech] is set for Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April 2019, 10am-5pm, (Thursday night : social/bar in the venue) at [ DINA], 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP.'''
'''For questions about the event, please contact []'''
[[File:Wiki-homepage-Top-image-new.1.png|alt=Wiki-homepage-Top-image-new.1|thumb|left|1000x1000px]]<br /><br /><br /><br /><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>===Minutes===[[Sheffield_2019/Extinction_Rebellion_Discussion|Extinction Rebellion Discussion]] [ CoTech Fund] ===WiFi===  SSID: CoTech Passphrase: sheffield2019 ===Agenda===
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|Home (or pub!)
'''The opening intro session on Day 1''' is to bring everyone up to date on where we are so far. At the end of each day there will be a session for work groups to update the wider group on what they've worked on, and where necessary this will include a sociocratic decision-making round with workgroups work groups running proposals.
'''Workgroups ==Working groups==Working groups planned so far''' are Comms and Branding, Governance and Membership, Skills Sharing, Website improvements.
In addition to the workgroups work groups there will also be discussions that participants can chose to run and also attend. People can attend these as they wish. ''Please fill in your discussion on the timetable above if you would like to host one'', and/or post on the forum (see link below):
*'''[ General discussion: forum thread.]'''
*[ Ola Bini’s freedom Campaign]
'''Lunch''', if you would like to eat in the DINA cafe downstairs please order your food in advance so they have some time to get all the orders ready. ===Venue===
The gathering will be at [ DINA], 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield S1 4HP (city centre). It has disabled access, and a vegetarian/vegan cafe (10am-4pm). Parking nearby is expensive, but it is only a few minutes walk from train and bus stations.
DINA is an independent venue, a not-for-profit social enterprise. The building, originally the city's first Free School, was disused and renovated by volunteers in 2016. It is now a huge two floor performance and event venue with 5 discreet spaces.
[[File:Wiki-homepage-Venue-image-new.1.png|alt=Wiki-homepage-Venue-image-new.1|left|thumb|1000x1000px|none]] <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>===Lunch===<br>If you would like to eat in the DINA cafe downstairs please order your food in advance so they have some time to get all the orders ready.<br><br>===WiFi===
= SSID: CoTech Passphrase: sheffield2019==Socialising/networking=and Networking==
'''Wednesday 24th''' '''April''' ''<u>Arriving the night before</u>?'' Want to meet up for an evening drink? Meet at a nearby pub, [ The Devonshire Cat] on Wellington Street S1 4HG, from 7.30/8pm. Look out for a CoTech sign on the table if you don't recognise anyone. Or post a message on the [ forum thread].
'''Friday 26th April''' ''<u>After the gathering</u>,'' if anyone's staying around for further time to chat, you're free to make your own arrangements. (Sheffield CoTech people ''will'' be in a pub somewhere!)
====Stay at a Housing Co-op====
Booking for the gathering does '''not''' include accommodation, but there are many options available. (Further suggestions welcome).
multiuse/community space. OR If anyone was interested - in the nature of exchange - some help with getting started using Debian, and also installing a Linux OS on an Android phone [LG G5]. No expectations here, just in case one of the attendees fancies it! If you're interested please contact [ Roscoe] at Brambles to discuss.
---------------------------------- ====Corporate chain hotels====
'''Easy Hotel'''
[ Travelodge Sheffield Central], 1.1km from DINA.
 ----------------------------------====Less corporate accommodation====
'''Wilson Carlile Centre'''
[ House Boat Hotels] 1.3km from DINA. Canal basin apartment-style accommodation permanently moored in Sheffield's unique waterfront location, Victoria Quays, in fully heated static houseboats. 5 minute walk from Sheffield city centre, 15 mins to DINA. Sounds like fun, but about 3x price of a room.
[[File:Cotech Sheffield 2019.gif|right|frameless|400x400px|Spinning new realities]]
<br />
[[Sheffield_2019/Extinction_Rebellion_Discussion|Extinction Rebellion Discussion]]
[[Sheffield 2019/CoTech_Fund|CoTech Fund]]
[[Sheffield 2019/List of Climate Actions|List of Climate Actions]]
[[File:CoTech Sheffield.jpg2019/ Cotech governance|thumbCoTech Governance]]

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