Workers Co-op Weekend 2020

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15th May to 17th May at Thornbridge Outdoors, Longstone Lane, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1NY

This booking of this event is being managed by Co-operative UK but we will have autonomous CoTech sessions running in parallel with the Workers Co-op sessions &mdash what sessions would you like to host or attend? Please add the the list below:

  1. Ansible skill sharing, this could be the first meeting of the DevOps / sysadmin skills sharing group (Chris)
  2. Keeping money in the co-op economy: what you can procure from CoTech co-ops and how to do it (Polly, looking for a partner)
  3. Upskilling your digital team (or boosting your digital tools): beyond social media (Polly, looking for a partner)

See also the Discourse and Loomio threads.