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==Main clients==  
==Main clients==  
*'''[[http://wave.coop/downloads/wave_hello_Jan16.pdf Folio snapshot]]'''
*'''[http://wave.coop/downloads/wave_hello_Jan16.pdf Folio snapshot]'''
**The Plunkett Foundation
**The Plunkett Foundation

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Some of our websites

Main clients

    • The Plunkett Foundation
    • TUC
    • The Ramblers
    • War on Want
    • Global Witness
    • HCT Group
    • Multiple Sclerosis Society
    • Alzheimer’s Society
    • Sussex Community Foundation
    • Galapagos Conservation Trust
    • Royal Geographical Society
    • Keeping Children Safe
    • Hasting Borough Council
    • Family Planning Association
    • International Co-operative Alliance
    • Institute of Health Visitors
    • Licensed Trade Charity
    • Schools Co-operative Society
    • Lambeth Accord
    • Wateraid


  • Design workshops
  • Siteplanning UX/UI
  • Design concepts/visuals)
  • Basic protoyping (most of our clients cannot afford high level prototyping in budgets)
  • Liaison

Collaboration software

  • Evernote
  • Basecamp
  • Skype
  • Googledrive
  • Email
  • Taiga

Web design

  • Uxpin
  • Invision
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Indesign
  • MS Word
  • CC Libraries/Lingo
  • Nounproject
  • Zeplin/Avocode

Web front end code

  • Basics are html, css, javscript and in our case php for server side.
  • We use Dreamweaver for most web based activities, because we have the Adobe bundle.
  • We use scss as the preprocessor. For scss processing, originally using Terminal, then Compass, then Scout, but DW 2017 has it built in now.
  • For javascript mostly work in jquery.
  • For html5 canvas use Adobe Animate, but most of the work is actually writing javascript.
  • For cms we like WordPress but also have done Drupal, bespoke cms etc…
  • We use lots of other bits and pieces to do various things that the Adobe products miss out. Eg to tidy, format and “beautify” code, to check that accessibility standards are being met, to test for different browsers and devices, to do speed tests, to improve spelling and grammar, to optimise SEO etc.
  • Some of the ideas in Foundation as a source for certain theming issues but tend to recode them our own way.
  • We test and dev using mamp locally in the early stages of theming.


    • Felix Lozano / Web project management - principal point of contact
    • Diana Harman / Print project management
    • Nadiya Donovan / Marketing manager
    • Karen Beal / Web designer
    • Julian Coates / Web designer/developer
    • David Humphrey / Designer
    • Tony Mono / Designer
    • Francesca Roy / Designer/Web designer
  • Sector public sector, third sector/charities, education
  • Ethical considerations/restrictions no animal testing or religions
  • Spare space: "'1 spare desk with either mac or low spec PC stations"'
  • Placements: "'Interested"'
  • Anything else you think is relevant: About to celebrate 30 years anniversary